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Rubbermaid Training At KaTom!

The Rubbermaid training we had this week at KaTom was certainly an informative and educational experience! We learned about their innovative FIFO products (as well as what FIFO stands for), their move to BPA free materials, and much more! Our educators, Kirk Pardue and Stephen Apte, were very great at giving us the low down on high quality Rubbermaid products and why choosing quality is more of a money saver than buying cheap.

Rubbermaid definitely designs their products to be more efficient in a busy kitchen. The information about Rubbermaid ingredient bins featured on our video are a perfect example of this. Regular ingredient bins often feature lids that are harder to take on and off when you’re busy. A classic styled ingredient bin also raises the problem of making sure it’s contents are properly rotated. To do this you must take time to empty the ingredients into another container, add the new, and then put the old back on top. I myself have done this many times during my food service days. It can be a time consuming hassle.

Rubbermaid ingredient bins make things SO MUCH EASIER! First of all, the lids aren’t the kind you snap on and off; they slide at the touch of one hand. This comes in handy for busy servers or kitchen crew who need a scoop of this or that but have their other hand occupied (this happens quite often, as you know). These bins also feature First In, First Out (FIFO) technology that allows for super easy ingredient rotation without the fuss and additional dirty containers. Simply pour the ingredients into the back of the bin and the older ingredients are automatically pushed to the front. If that wasn’t enough to sell you on Rubbermaid bins, they also come with handles that clip to the bin. The handle is designed so that it or your hand never touches the ingredient. No cross contamination there!

Rubbermaid also shared the news with us, as I previously mentioned, that they’re in the beginning processes of becoming ALL BPA FREE! If you don’t know what Bisphenol A (BPA) is, you soon will; BPA is a chemical that can be found in many plastics, food cans, and even thermal paper products. The worry here is about BPA in products that come in contact with foods due to the concern about the way it may affect the human brain, behavior, and infants. We’ve already received a few boxes of Rubbermaid BPA free products.

Kirk and Stephen also showed let us sample the wonderful fragrances for the T Cell air freshener dispenser. These fragrances don’t just mask restroom odor, they eliminate it! The dessert scents are a perfect choice for restaurants too as I can see them influencing a dessert purchase with their realistic smell.

You just have to watch our training video! There’s a great amount of information to learn about that explains why Rubbermaid is a terrific choice for long lasting durability and time saving design!