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Our Reps Are On the Ball: Installment 11

It has been such a lovely week here at KaTom! Due to Valentine’s Day we had quite a few glorious bouquets resting on desks, making the office look that much more festive. You’ve got to love flowers! Wouldn’t you be surprise, we also had a couple visits from our

KaTom’s first visit of the week was from Gary Dallas (a repeat on the ball offender) and Bill Colwin of Wusthof. We’re happy to announce that Wusthof, one of the most sought after knife brands in the food service industry, is coming soon to! Look for high quality Wusthof products within the next 30 to 60 days. Gary is always a joy to have in the office and Bill was also a pleasure. Both Callie and Coco were enjoying their company! These guys were ON THE BALL with their Valentine’s day gifts, presenting a lovely teddy bear to our fearless leader.

Our second visitor was Charlie Lee from Hobart! Charlie is a busy bee, staying ON THE BALL to get us the vital information we need. We hope to have quality Hobart products (like quality fryers, peelers, and disposal units) up on our website in the future. Make sure to keep your eye out for them!