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Meet KaTom!

In 1980, Tim and Patricia Bible founded a small company by the name of B & B Equipment and Supply in the garage of their home. As the company began to grow and expand, Patricia recognized an ever increasing demand for catalog purchases within the industry. This amazing foresight prompted Patricia to begin yet another business, which she deemed KaTom Restaurant Supply, Inc, derived from the middle names of both their children Paula Kathryne (KAT) and Charles Thomas (TOM), who to this day argue about the possession of the "T" as it appears in both of their names.

Patricia's intuition proved correct, and KaTom continued to grow, causing the need for expansion of their business. In order to accommodate the necessary amount of equipment, Tim and Patricia added on to their garage, allowing adequate room for a short time. KaTom and B & B's customer base continued to grow steadily thanks to the personal attention and care that each order received. The next expansion occurred when a small warehouse was purchased to hold products. This small warehouse was not large enough for very long, as the warehouse had to be expanded several times in order to hold all of the products necessary to continue to allow the business to grow.

In 2001, an unexpected event had a major impact on both Patricia and the company. Tim, the love of Patricia's life, passed away suddenly, leaving Patricia to run both businesses and raise the couple's two children. Tim passed in November of 2001, a month before his dream of eCommerce could come to fruition. Despite the pain and sorrow from her loss, Patricia pressed forward with the company in order to keep the memory of Tim and his dream alive. In December of that same year, KaTom launched their website, allowing business to soar to unforeseen levels.

Patricia's story is one of true inspiration. Her determination and ambition allowed her to become the successful and respected business woman she is today. Patricia continues to build the company on the same values that were so important when she and Tim began the company so many years ago. Her direct family, Paula, Charley, sister Birdie, and son-in-law John, are essential to the everyday workings of the company. Her "family" that works in the office and warehouse help to ensure that each customer is treated with respect and consideration to ensure that each customer feels important and their order is shipped in a timely manner.

KaTom currently stocks over 30,000 items, which can be shipped same day if the order is received before 3pm. KaTom prides itself on very competitive pricing as well as excellent customer service. The company's traditional values and Patricia's southern charm make this a dependable business that provides the type of service and quality you will not find in many businesses today. We hope to provide our current customers, as well as those in the future, with a truly unique experience they will never forget.