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It's No Bull: Our Patricia Bible is Riding High These Days

Friends, you are about to see something amazing. But, before we show it to you, set back a spell and let us spin you a yarn of East Tennessee's newest cowgirl.

See, KaTom is a member of the Foodservice Equipment Dealers Association (FEDA), the rootinest, tootinest bunch of restaurant supply rustlers north or south of the Rio Grande. These folks have been known to drive 3,000 head of commercial refrigerators to new pastures in less than 24 hours. And our Patricia is a part of that.

Even with all the hands she's hired to mind the ranch (a.k.a. KaTom) here in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, Patricia's still quite the wrangler. She ain't afraid to get into the stables (a.k.a. warehouse) and get her hands dirty when need calls fer it.

Well, long about every year or so, those FEDA folks like to get together for one big cattle ride together. This year, they figured the best place to do that was out yonder a fur piece in San Antonio. That's right: Texas. The land of longhorns.

All of this put together, we weren't nary one of us surprised when the picture we're about to show you arrived at our door via Pony Express. Yes, those are gen-you-wine longhorn steer. And yes, that is a fancy-pants ballroom. And yes, that is our beloved leader sittin' pretty as you please on the back of one of those longhorns.

Just scroll down a little to see what all the fuss is about, pardners.

Patricia on a bull