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KaTom Welcomes the New All-in-One Kitchen Gadget, Zip Zester!

Zip Zester lime comparison.

It takes a chef an average of 2-3 minutes to zest a lemon by hand. That process might be OK for your casual culinarian, but for commercial operations, 2-3 minutes per fruit just isn’t going to cut it. That's why many chefs try desperately to speed up the process, often also zesting off the bitter white pith of the fruit, not to mention fingertip skin.

Thankfully, the hand's well-being is now being considered by a company called Zip Zester. Their innovative product offerings enable users to create not only zest, but also decorative garnishes and other fruit peel-related flourishes. Best of all, it keeps fingers away from the blade and does all this work in a matter of seconds, zesting a whole fruit in just 12 seconds.

To use the Zip Zester, the operator simply spears the citrus with the arm of the unit, locks the blade into place, then gives the hand crank a few quick turns. That's all it takes!

The Zip Zester in action.

The Zip Zester now ships as a complete unit, with one stand unit and two blades included, the zester and the bar garnish blade. KaTom also offers the Zip Zester macro blade that makes larger zest pieces, as well as the big and little twist blades.

This fantastic machine will zest only the outer peel, with none of the bitter pith. Given all that, it's no wonder the Zip Zester won a Kitchen Innovations Award! The Spin Zester's body is constructed of industrial-grade, glass-filled nylon, and suctions to surfaces for movement-free use.

Why waste time on zesting any longer? Contact one of KaTom's helpful customer service representatives today at 800.541.8683 or for more information and assistance with ordering.