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KaTom Reps Are On the Ball: Installment 15

We’ve had a great time this week with a very helpful Jackson training! The teachings focused on the importance of purchasing a dishwasher instead of renting as well as information about how Jackson dishwashers are a cleaner sanitizing solution for your kitchen and Jackson's free start up offer. All of the KaTom employees have certainly learned a lot from these

This fantastic group hails from Jackson MSC and the Manitowoc Company! You should probably recognize Mike Phillips as he’s a regular at KaTom. He was accompanied by Joan Salah (Manitowoc Corp. ABP), Karen Penney (Jackson Marketing Director), and our training teacher, Jim Krohn (Field Marketing Manager). This group was seriously ON THE BALL as they provided an extensive teaching session, complete with a slide show and a performance by trained concert pianist, Jim.

These guys know how to take care of business while still having fun! They enjoyed the ON THE BALL experience so much that more than one picture was called for. After all, it’s not over until you’ve taken both a serious and silly picture. We really appreciate everything these ON THE BALL folks have taught us and hope to see their smiling faces again soon!