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Catch Benedict the Bunny For A Savings Treat!

If you participated in KaTom Restaurant Supply’s visit from Liam, you know firsthand how easy it is to save! Liam certainly appreciated all of the attention he received prior to the big day. In all honesty, we only had one problem: Benedict the bunny got terribly jealous.

Benny has been holed up all winter long and has been feeling a touch of cabin fever. When he visited and saw all of the hub bub Liam was causing, he decided he had something to offer too!

Benny has graciously volunteered to visit, starting March 26th. He’ll be hopping around the KaTom web pages, dishing out a code for savings! If you see Benny pop up on a KaTom Restaurant Supply page, make sure to catch him quick by clicking on him to revel a savings code. Write down the code; it will disappear in a flash when you click elsewhere, after all Benny is still a little shy from his lonely winter stay. Benny’s code is for $5 to $25 to apply to your order! The code is only good for 24 hours. Although he’s a skittish bunny, we think Benedict was very considerate to give away savings in celebration of Easter! !

Like Liam’s visit, we do have some rules for this promotion! Benny will not permit his given cash to be applied to taxes or shipping, just the cost of the item. This still means that if you win $10 and find a $10 item, you can apply all of your winnings to said item. You will still have to pay shipping and taxes on the item but Benny believes that’s a lot better of a deal than without the extra money!

Benny will be hopping around starting the 26th of March so be sure to keep your eyes peeled!

Will you participate in the hunt for Benedict and his savings? Let us know by commenting on the blog, sending us a tweet, hitting up the KaTom Facebook wall, our Google+ account, or our Youtube channel!!!