Specialty Drink Dispensers Buyer's Guide

Specialty Drink Dispensers:
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ULTRA-2 Frozen Drink Machine, All Black Finish, Lighted LidJDF-2 Gourmet Juice Dispenser, Push-Hold Control, Lighted, 2 Dispense HeadsFMD-5 BLK Hot Powdered Drink Machine, 5 Hoppers

Whether you own a business, organize social events, or just need a reliable specialty drink dispenser for your home, the many options on the KaTom Restaurant Supply website are sure to meet your specific need. Specialty drink dispensers are frequently seen in convenience stores, cafeterias, restaurants, hotels and many other locations where cold juice, hot cappuccino, or delightful frozen slushies are served. Many of these dispensers are self-serve, allowing your customers to get exactly what they want while you continue to work hard to meet all the needs of a demanding business. KaTom Restaurant Supply offers three different types of specialty drink dispensers from our trusted manufacturers Cecilware, Summit, Frosty Factory, Gold Medal, SaniServ, BakeMax, Bunn-O-Matic, Star, Regalware, and American Metalcraft.

Types of Specialty Drink Dispensers

There are three different types of specialty drink dispensers available through KaTom Restaurant Supply. We offer frozen drink machines, hot drink machines, and cold/juice drink machines. Each type has a certain use and application.

Frozen drink machines, also known as ultra gourmet ice systems, are a staple in many businesses, offering cold, tasty frozen drinks any time of day or year.

Hot drink machines, or fresh mix dispensers, are excellent choices for cappuccino, hot chocolate, or any other type of hot drink made from a powder mix.

Cold/juice drink machines provide excellent quality juices in either frozen or bag-in-a-box varieties from the same machine!

Display Graphics

Most of the specialty drink machines available come with a bright, colorful display to show customers what your machine produces. There are three displays to choose from, depending on the application of your machine. Cappuccino, hot chocolate, and steamer displays can all be placed on the front of your machine to show the type of beverage produced.

Number of Hoppers

Specialty drink dispensers come with a different numbers of hoppers. A hopper is simply the storage bin for the drink that allows it to flow, when prompted, to the unit and into your cup. The number of hoppers you will need can be determined by examining the volume of your specific business. You should purchase a specialty drink dispenser with enough hoppers to keep your business running smoothly without having to fill it frequently. These commercial drink dispensers can be purchased with either (2) 2 gallon hoppers, (2) 3 gallon hoppers, (1) 8 lb hopper, (2) 4 lb hoppers, (3) 4 lb hoppers, (5) 4 lb hoppers, (2) 8 1/2 quart hoppers, or (1) 8 1/2 quart hopper.


Commercial specialty drink dispensers have various capacities of holding or producing product. These units have capacities of 20 quarts, (2) 3 gallons, 6 or 12 quarts, or 8.5 quarts per hopper in juice dispensers. These units feature brewing capacities of 4.2 gallons/hr, (4) 5 oz. drinks per minute, or (3) 12 oz. drinks per minute.

Exterior Finish

Specialty drink dispensers come with a four different finishes to choose from. Each finish offers a sleek, attractive look while keeping cleaning and maintenance time at a minimum. These units can be purchase in either all stainless steel, stainless steel & white, stainless steel & black, or black finishes. Stainless steel offers easy cleaning as well as scratch and dent resistance, creating a longer life for your appliance.

Specialty Options

Specialty drink machines can be purchased with the option of portion control. Portion control is a preset limit to how much of a liquid that can be dispensed into a cup. Drink dispensers can be set to automatically stop dispensing a liquid when it reaches a certain point, minimizing the risk of spill and nearly eliminating unnecessary messes.


Specialty drink dispensers can be use four different types of concentrate. These types are frozen concentrate, liquid concentrate, powder concentrate, and liquid or powder concentrate. Frozen concentrate is simply a freshly-squeezed juice that has been concentrated and frozen. When put into use, the liquid that was originally removed is readded to create a tasty drink. A liquid concentrate is a mixture of formulated liquid resins, additive, pigments and other dyes that create an eye catching appearance for your drink machines. Powder concentrate is a powdered concentrate that is reconstituted by adding water and mixing.


Commercial specialty drink dispensers can use premixed or auto mixed ingredients. A premix machine simply needs to have the concentrate mixed with water before it is placed in the dispenser. An auto mix dispenser does the mixing for you, it takes the concentrate and water and creates a delicious drink without the extra work of mixing it yourself.