So You Want To Properly Set Tables...

How to properly set a table

The act of properly setting a table can be a lot easier than many perceive it is. This simple to understand visual guide will educate you on the informal and formal place settings.

Common Rules

First, here are some typical rules for both place settings:

  • Silverware, china, and napkins are to be placed one inch from the edge of the table.
  • If there is no meal to be eaten with a particular piece of silverware, do not place that silverware on the table.
  • When it comes to using the silverware, work from the outside in to your plate.
  • The sharper edge side of the dinner knife must be facing the plate.
  • Napkins must be folded the same and pointed in the same direction.
  • The dinner knife points to the water glass.

Informal Table Setting

Now that these points have been covered, we have created a visual aid for you to see exactly how to set an INFORMAL table setting. Informal table settings are best used for more casual meals with only a few courses.

Wares Commonly Used in Informal Table Settings:

  1. Salad fork
  2. Dinner fork
  3. Dinner plate
  4. Napkin
  5. Water Glass
  6. Wine Glass
  7. Dinner knife
  8. Teaspoon
  9. Soup Spoon

Formal Table Setting

The FORMAL table setting may look complicated due to its use of more wares but don’t be intimidated. The visual aid we have made for the Formal table setting should easily clear up the location of each spoon, fork, and glass. Formal table settings are best used for special meals with many courses.

Wares Commonly Used in Formal Table Settings:

  1. Salad fork
  2. Dinner fork
  3. Bread plate
  4. Butter knife
  5. Dessert spoon
  6. Cake Fork
  7. Dinner plate
  8. Salad plate and/or soup bowl
  9. Dinner knife
  10. Teaspoon
  11. Soup Spoon
  12. Place card
  13. Water Glass
  14. White wine glass
  15. Red wine glass
  16. Saucer & Cup (only placed on the table once dessert has been served)
  17. Napkin

We hope this visual aid has helped you to learn how to set both informal and formal table settings. These skills will help you to better prepare for catering events or special occasions at your food service establishment!

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