The Case for ENERGY STAR-certified Restaurant Equipment

Save with ENERGY STAR-Certified Restaurant Equipment

Shopping for commercial foodservice equipment can be overwhelming. There are a variety of factors to consider such as brand, performance and warranty terms. However one factor that should be a no-brainer is whether the equipment is ENERGY STAR® certified.

The ENERGY STAR program is designed to measure and identify energy efficient products and assist businesses and individuals in finding these products, with the ultimate goal of protecting our climate.

ENERGY STAR Commercial Foodservice Product Categories

There are currently eight commercial foodservice product categories:

As you know, foodservice operations are very energy intensive, typically using much more energy per square foot when compared to other commercial operations. The good news is that much of this energy usage can be reduced by replacing old equipment with energy efficient equipment. ENERGY STAR certified equipment reduces energy and water usage, thus saving the operator money.

Save Money with ENERGY STAR Restaurant Equipment

At the time of purchase, energy efficient equipment may have a larger price tag than other models. However, some utility providers offer a rebate for purchasing a more efficient piece of equipment. Be sure to check with your local provider.

It is also critical to consider the total cost of ownership over the lifetime of the equipment. While equipment in all of the eight categories above will help operators save, the largest savings opportunity lies with cooking equipment. For example:

An ENERGY STAR certified...

  • Griddle may save an end user between $1,100-1,300 over its lifetime
  • Steam cooker may save an end user $12,000 over its lifetime
  • Gas fryer may save an end user between $4,800-5,400 over its lifetime
  • Hot food holding cabinet may save an end user $3,000 over its lifetime
  • Oven may save an end user between $660-7,300 in savings over its lifetime.

The next time you’re in the market for commercial foodservice equipment, look for the blue ENERGY STAR logo and rest assured you’re selecting an energy efficient, high performance product that is designed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants.

Visit the ENERGY STAR website to view a list of certified products by category.

Contributed by Vulcan Equipment

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