Reach-In Refrigeration

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A 1 section, 2 section, or 3 section reach-in refrigerator is the foundation of any commercial kitchen. At Katom Restaurant Supply, we offer many different varieties of commercial refrigerators from several different premier manufacturers such as True Refrigeration and Beverage Air. We stock many different varieties of True commercial reach-in refrigerators that are ready to be shipped the SAME DAY you place your order and can ship any non-stock model within 5-10 business days. Beverage-Air reach-ins are shipped direct from the manufacturer within 5-10 business days of order placement.Commercial reach-in refrigerators are available in a variety of sizes, but are almost always between 78"-84" high and 24"-30" deep. The width of the reach-in cooler depends on the number of sections and can range from 24"-77".

Regardless of door style, nearly all reach-in refrigerator doors are self-closing and gasketed to prevent cold air loss. Most doors are also equipped with stay-open hinges to hold them open when necessary.Glass door reach-in refrigeration units are also a popular item. Glass door reach-ins are both energy and time efficient by allowing you to view the contents of the refrigerator without actually having to open the door, which in turn allows the doors to stay closed and keep cold air in. Glass door refrigerators typically have interior lighting to illuminate the products in dark areas.Commercial reach-in refrigeration products have an exterior construction of either stainless steel or galvanized steel. Both of these materials are easy to clean and maintain due to their durable nature. The interior of most units will be made of either white, vinyl-coated aluminum, anodized aluminum, or ABS lining. Most reach-in refrigerators will be fully insulated to help maintain proper interior temperature.

Reach-in refrigerators have two basic designs, either a top-mounted or bottom-mounted condensing unit. Top-mounted refrigerators offer maximum interior storage because the condenser unit is located on top of the refrigerator. Top-mounted varieties typically run cooler than bottom-mounted because the warm air rising from the condenser rises from the top rather than the bottom. The top-mounted units also tend to keep your kitchen area cooler for this same reason.Bottom-mounted units offer the benefit of "no-stoop" storage and provide extra storage space on top of the unit. This type of reach-in refrigerator also allows easier access to the product.All commercial reach-ins help to ensure proper food temperatures and maintain exceptional food safety, making these appliances a stable for any food service operation.

1 Section Reach-In Refrigeration

1 Section Reach-in RefrigerationReach-in refrigerators are vital to the process of keeping your food product safe and fresh, making these appliances a must in every commercial kitchen. The reach-in refrigerators featured on this page are the 1 section reach-ins from our premier manufacturers. These petite, more compact commercial refrigerators are ideal for smaller businesses or kitchen areas with limited space.

These three shelf refrigerators can be purchased in either top or bottom mounted units. Top mounted units offer maximum storage because the refrigeration system is located on top of the unit. The reach-in itself will run cooler because of the increased ventilation with top mounted units, and your overall kitchen will remain cooler due to the rise of warm air.Bottom mounted units offer you quick and easy access to the products you need without having to stoop down to get it. The refrigeration cooling system is located on the bottom of the unit, which allows for non-refrigerated storage on top of the refrigerator.These pre-wired refrigerators are available from 12 cubic feet to 34 cubic feet, depending on your business' specific needs. One section reach-in refrigerators need to be plugged into a 15 amp outlet to support their powerful 1/5 HP motor. These units are available in sizes from 24 7/8" L x 23 1/8" D x 63 1/8" H up to 35" L x 33 1/2" D x 84 1/2" H.

2 Section Reach-In Refrigeration

2 Section Reach-in RefrigerationCommercial reach-in refrigeration is essential to any business' basic functions. The refrigerator is the cornerstone of a kitchen by storing and cooling food to necessary temperatures to preserve food, maintain safety and ensure the continued satisfaction of your customers. This section of the KaTom Restaurant Supply website features all 2 section refrigerators from , and our other premier manufacturers.These side by side refrigerators will fit conveniently into any medium to large sized commercial kitchen and provide adequate storage for all of your perishable refrigerated products.

These commercial refrigerators come standard with three shelves in each section, equaling six adjustable shelves in all.Two section reach-in refrigerators can be purchased in either top or bottom mounted units. Top mounted units offer the ultimate amount of storage because the refrigeration system is located on top of the unit instead of taking up space inside. The refrigerator, as well as your kitchen, will be cooler because there will not be any ventilation problems and the warm air will rise to the top of the room. Bottom mounted units have the benefit of "no stoop" storage while offering added extra non-refrigerated storage on top of the unit. Bottom mounted refrigerators offer easy access to any refrigerated product you need.These pre-wired commercial refrigerators are powered by a 1/2 HP motor and should be plugged into a 15 amp outlet to ensure proper functioning. The 2 section units can vary in size from 35 cubic feet to 56 cubic feet. Depending on the exact size of your reach-in refrigerator, the dimensions will vary between 39 1/2" L x 29 1/2" D x 78 3/8" H up to 51 3/8" L x 34 3/4" D x 78 1/4" H.

3 Section Reach-In Refrigeration

3 Section Reach-in RefrigerationReach-in refrigeration is one of the most integral parts of any commercial kitchen. A reach-in refrigerator offers functionality and dependability to your kitchen by storing food and maintaining proper temperatures to ensure food safety and preservation. This section of KaTom Restaurant Supply's website features 3 section reach-in refrigeration units from True, and our other premier manufacturers.

Three section reach-in refrigerators are very large; therefore consideration of available space should be taken before purchasing one of these units. These refrigerators work best in a large scale business or organization with ample kitchen area and can hold a considerable amount of food on the 9 adjustable shelves, with three per section.Three section reach-in refrigerators can be purchased in either top or bottom mounted units, each with their own benefits. Top-mounted units allow maximum storage because the refrigeration system is located on the exterior top of the unit. These units also run cooler because there are no ventilation problems and will keep your kitchen cooler because warm air rises to the top of the room.  Bottom mounted refrigerators offer the added bonus of "no stoop" storage to minimize strain from bending down to get the product. Bottom mounted reach-in refrigerators also give you additional non-refrigerated storage on top of the unit.These large, three door refrigerators run on a powerful 1/2 HP motor and are pre-wired. The units should be plugged into a 15 amp outlet to ensure proper functioning. The size of the units vary between 69 cubic feet and 85 cubic feet. In general, the dimensions of a three section reach-in refrigerator are around 78 1/8" L x 29 5/8" D x 79 1/8" H.