Dispense-Rite Dispensers & Organizers

Organize Your Counters with Dispense-Rite Products

In any foodservice operation with an element of self-service, organization is key. A well-organized counter keeps customers happy, makes cleanup simple, and helps you see at a glance when restocking is needed. Whether you are dispensing cups, condiments, ice cream cones, or napkins, Dispense-Rite has products to help you organize them. Even back-of-house, these products enable your employees to assemble meals more quickly and without making a mess.

Cup Dispensers

Dispense-Rite cup dispensing units are a great way to keep a self-serve or serving area clean and organized, while also keeping the cups sanitary. Countertop cup dispensers are easy to install, and come in styles to organize one to five cup sizes. Countertop units are available in black plastic, stainless steel, and wire rack designs.

In-counter cup dispensers from Dispense-Rite offer a way to organize cups without taking up as much space as the countertop units. Available in black plastic and stainless steel in a variety of sizes, each unit holds one row of cups.

Ice Cream Cone Dispensers

Dispense-Rite also offers ice cream cone dispensers for ice cream shops and restaurants. Most models are gravity-fed, with some being intended for mounting on a wall, while others are countertop models that are made to be loaded with boxed cones. There is also a stainless steel model that is made to be side-mounted at a 30-degree angle and can hold three rows of ice cream cones.

The clear acrylic ice cream cone holder includes a guard so that it can be used for merchandising as well as dispensing. This model is perfect for ice cream shop operators who want to showcase the types of cones they offer, and can be used to hold fresh-made cones until they are served.

Napkin Dispensers

Available in stainless steel or black polystyrene, Dispense-Rite napkin dispensers make organizing napkins simple. Countertop models are available that hold different amounts of various sizes of napkins. These work well for restaurant where napkins need to be available at each table.

For self-serve areas, an in-counter napkin dispenser may work better. There are vertical and horizontal models available to fit any counter's space. Consider the space you have to work with, the size of the napkins you wish to use, and how often you will need to refill your dispenser when selecting the right model for you.

Multi-Purpose Organizers & Dispensers

Dispense-Rite offers several multi-purpose units to fit the needs of any foodservice operation. Lid dispensers are available in units that dispense only lids, or in combination units that also hold items such as creamer, sugar, or condiments. For counters with limited space, there are also units that can hold cups and lids together, some of which can also organize straws and condiments.

Cutlery bins are available that can hold flatware, with some equipped to hold straws, lids, and condiments. Dispense-Rite's line of self-serve dispensers is available in a multitude of sizes and designs, holding everything from one type of condiment to up to 12 types of condiments, in addition to cups, lids, and straws. Some of these self-serve dispensers are also made to hold solid candy or ice cream toppings, or pump bottles that can hold ice cream toppings or coffee flavor syrups.