Hatco Booster Heater Buyers' Guide

Hatco Booster Heater

Whether you're washing by hand or with a machine, a Hatco booster heater can ensure your water is hot enough to effectively clean and sanitize dishes. The magic number for hot water sanitization is 180 degrees F, the minimum temperature reliable for killing bacteria in high-temp warewashers or as the final phase of three-step hand washing.

Hatco booster heaters are among the most popular in the industry. They've been trusted for more than 60 years, and the hundreds of available models mean that there's one available that will match your needs precisely, no matter what type of dish machine or sanitizing sink you need to outfit. All Hatco booster heaters include features designed to maximize the life of your investment so you spend more time growing your business and less time maintaining or replacing your equipment.

The steel tanks in Hatco water heaters are lined with a unique Castone® non-toxic, non-corrosive lining to help extend the life of the equipment's components and prevent the kind of corrosion and buildup that can shorten the lives of competitors' models. Fiberglass insulation lining the hot water tank contributes to energy efficiency.

Hatco's booster heaters are made with multiple low-watt-density heating elements that are designed to share the work of heating and avoid burnout from working an individual element too hard. The elements are replaceable with common tools, for relatively simple service and maintenance.

A compensating thermostat provides consistently accurate temperatures without over- or under-heating water in abnormally hot or cold environments. An on/off toggle switch lets operators turn off the Hatco water heater to save energy and avoid unnecessary wear when the unit is not in use. Those controls can be protected from unauthorized access with a padlock.

Several special features are available upon request, including a blended phosphate water treatment system designed to minimize scale buildup if you have hard water, shock absorbers to reduce the water hammer effect that can occur when water pressure in your building is particularly high, and an optional full-stainless-steel body and base in place of the standard construction with a stainless front, powder-coated silver-gray hammertone body, and black base.

Four Hatco Heaters to Choose From

  1. The Imperial line is Hatco's kitchen workhorse, with a 16-gallon capacity and available with heating elements as powerful as 57kW.
  2. Hatco compact booster heaters are designed to tuck neatly away in space-limited areas. They have 6-gallon water tanks and are available in 4kW to 57kW versions.
  3. A Hatco mini-compact booster heater may be the solution if your space is especially limited. Built with 3.2-gallon water tanks, they're available in 10kW and 11kw versions.
  4. Hatco's gas heaters are available to use with natural gas or LP, and come in two sizes. The PMG-100 features three tube-type burners and the PMG-200 has six.

Consult the following table to determine which Hatco booster heater you need for your dishwasher. To determine the temperature rise you need, measure the temperature of your building's hot water during the busiest time of the day and subtract that number from 180 degrees F.

Electric Compact Temperature RiseElectric Imperial Temperature RiseGas Powermite Temperature Rise
Adamation Model No.40 F70 F40 F70 F40 F70 F
CSL-1390, CA-2, CA-3, CA-4, SLAP 44 C-39 (2)C-36 S-39 (2)S-36 PMG-200 (2)PMG-200
CA, CA-1 C-54 (2)C-45S-54 (2)S-45 PMG-200 (2)PMG-200
Electric CompactElectric ImperialGas Powermite
Alvey40 F70 F40 F70 F40 F70 F
FLC-10, SL-2SS-6 S-9
FLC-12, CL-1, CL-1Turntable, SA-5A S-7 S-12
FL-2S S-9 S-13
KS-70, KS70M SB S-9 S-15
SL-2D S-13 S-18
FLC-36 S-15 S-27
KS-88-CS-18 S-30
KS-70-N, KS-88-N S-39 (2)S-40
Electric CompactElectric ImperialGas Powermite
American Dish Service40 F70 F40 F70 F40 F70 F
AF-ES, AFC-ES C-4 C-7 S-4 S-7
HT-25 C-7 C-12 S-7 S-12
ADC-44, ADC-66C-12 C-24 S-12 S-24 PMG-100
Electric CompactElectric ImperialGas Powermite
Blakeslee40 F70 F40 F70 F40 F70 F
UC-21A, UC-21B C-4 C-4 S-6 S-6 PMG-100 PMG-100
UC-21 C-6 C-12 S-6 S-12 PMG-100 PMG-100
D-9C-12C-17S-12 S-17PMG-100 PMG-100
Series "R"&"F"-CC, -EE, -LL, -MM, -LLL, -MMM, -PCC, -PEE, -PLL, -PMM (multi-tank) with suffix "LC"C-13 C-24 S-13 S-24 PMG-200 PMG-200/100
Series XF-EE, XF-LLC-17 C-30S-17S-30 PMG-100 PMG-200
Series XF-LL, XF-PLL, XF-MM, XF-PMM, XF-EEE, XF-LLL, XF-MMM (Multi-tank) with suffix "LC" C-17 C-30 S-17 S-30 PMG-200 PMG-200/100
DD-8C-18C-30 S-18 S-30 PMG-100 PMG-200
Series F-E, FA-EE, FA-PEE, FA-LL, FA-PLL, FA-MM, FA-PMM, F-EEE, FA-EEE, FA-LLL, FA-MMM, F-PE C-30 C-54 S-30 S-54 PMG-200 PMG-200/100
Series R-L, R-PL, R-M, R-PM, F-L, F-PL, F-M, F-PM (single tank) C-36 C-54 S-36 S-54 PMG-200 (2)PMG-200
Series XF-L, XF-PL, XF-M, XF-PM (single tank)(2)C-36 (2)S-36
Series R-E, R-PE, XF-PEE, XF-PLL, XF-PMM, XF-EEE, XF-LLL, XF-MMM (multi-tank) FA (Flight-A-Round) and RA (Rack-A-Round) use comparable "F" listing. C-45 (2)C-30 S-45(2)S-30 PMG-200 (2)PMG-200
XF-EE, XF-EE-LT (with LT suffix) C-17 C-36 S-17 S-36 PMG-100 PMG-200
CHAMPION40 F70 F40 F70 F40 F70 F
U-H1, UH-200, UH-200B, U-HB C-4 C-6 S-6 S-6 PMG-100 PMG-100
UL-100, UH-100B, UH-170B, UH-200B, DH-2000C-6 C-9 S-6 S-9 PMG-100 PMG-100
UL-150 C-4 C-7 S-6 S-7 PMG-100 PMG-100
UH-150, UH-150B, UH-100, UH-100B, DHB-VSC-5C-9S-6 S-9 PMG-100 PMG-100
D-H1, D-HB, D-H1T, D-HBTC-9C-13S-9 S-13 PMG-100 PMG-100
44 DRWS, 66 DRPWWS, 80 DRHDPWWS, 70 DRFFPWWSC-9C-13S-9 S-13 PMG-100 PMG-100
PP-28C-27C-45 S-27 S-45 PMG-100 PMG-200
D-H1C, D-H1TCC-9C-18S-9 S-18 PMG-100 PMG-100
DL-1000, DH-1000, DHB-VS C-6 C-12 S-6 S-12 PMG-100 PMG-100
44DR, 66DRPW, 80DRHDFW, 70DRFFPW, 54DR, 76DRPW, 80DRFFPW, 90DRHDPW C-12 C-24 S-12S-24PMG-100 PMG-100
44-WS, 66 WSPW, 66-WS, 64, 70WSFFPW, 80WSHDPW, 90FFPW, 100HDPW, 86 PW, 84, 106 PW, 120 HDPW, 110 FFPW C-15 C-24 S-15 S-24 PMG-100 PMG-100
UC-CW6-WSC-24 C-36 S-24 S-36 PMG-100 PMG-200
US-CW8-WSC-24 C-39 S-24 S-39 PMG-100 PMG-200
44, 66 PW, 70FFPW, 80HDPWC-27 C-54 S-27 S-54 PMG-100 PMG-200
54, 76PW, 80FFPW, 90HDPW, C-24 C-45S-24 S-45 PMG-100 PMG-200
40-KB, 40-KB-2-2, 40-KFWB, 40-KPRB, 40-KPRB-2-2, 40KPRB-2-3, 44LT, 60-KB, 60-KB-2-2, 60-KFWB, 60-KFWB-2-2, 60-KPRB, 60-KPRB-2-3, 64KB, 64-KB Corner, 64-KPRB, 64-KPRB Corner, 64 Modular, 66LT, 86 Modular C-30 C-54 S-30 S-54 PMG-200 PMG-200/100
44-KB, 44-KB Corner, 44-KPRB, 44-KPRB Corner, 54-KB, 54-KB Corner, 54-KPRB, 54-KPRB Corner, 44 Modular, 66 PW Modular, UC** Series 6' Center, UC-C4C-36 C-57 S-36 S-57 PMG-200 PMG-200/100
UC-CW4C-36 (2)C-36 S-36 (2)S-36 PMG-200 PMG-200/100
UC-CC-45(2)C-36 S-45 (2)S-36 PMG-200 PMG-200/100
UC **CW Series 6' Center C-45 (2)C-39 S-45 (2)S-39 PMG-200 (2)PMG-200
W-6-WS, W6C-45(2)C-45 S-45 (2)S-40 PMG-200(2)PMG-200
Electric CompactElectric ImperialGas Powermite
CMA Dishmachines40 F70 F40 F70 F40 F70 F
CMA-180 C-7 C-12 S-7 S-12
CMA-44/66C-24 C-36 S-24 S-36 PMG-100 PMG-200
CMA-44H with tank heater, CMA-66H C-36 C-45 S-36 S-45 PMG-100 PMG-200
EST-44/66C-12C-24S-12 S-24 PMG-100 PMG-100
Electric CompactElectric ImperialGas Powermite
HOBART40 F70 F40 F70 F40 F70 F
AM-15F C-4 C-6 S-6 S-9 PMG-100 PMG-100
LXiC, LXiGC, LX-18C, LX-30C, LX-40C, AM-15F C-4 C-7 S-6 S-6 PMG-100 PMG-100
LX-30, SR24, SR24H C-4 C-7 S-6 S-7 PMG-100 PMG-100
LX-18, AM-14F, AM-15, AM-15T C-5 C-9 S-6 S-9 PMG-100 PMG-100
WM-5CC-6 C-9 S-6 S-9 PMG-100
WM-5 (Without sump heater) C-7 C-12 S-7 S-12
AM-14T, AM-14TC C-7 C-12 S-7 S-12 PMG-100 PMG-100
AM-14, AM-14C C-9 C-17 or C-18 S-9 S-17 or S-18 PMG-100 PMG-100
AM-12, AM-12CH C-9 C-12 S-9 S-12 PMG-100 PMG-100
UW-50 S-15 S-24
OR Opti-RinSe C44A,CRS-66A,CCS-66A, CPW-80A, C54A, CRS-76A, CCS-76A, CPW-90A, C64A, CRS-86A, CCS-86A, CPW-100A, C88A, CRS-110A, CCS-11-0A, CPW-124A C-15C-27S-15 S-27 PMG-100 PMG-200
C-54A, CRS-76A, CPW-90A, CCS-76A C-39 (2)C-36 S-39 (2)S-36 PMG-200 PMG-200/100
C-44A, CRS-66A, CCS-66A, CPW-80A, C-64A, CRS-86A, CCS-86A, CPW-100A C-30 C-54 S-30 S-54 PMG-200 PMG-200/100
C-88A, CRS-110A, CPW-124A, CCS-110A C-36 C-54 S-36 S-54 PMG-200 PMG-200/100
Opti-RinSe C44AW, CRS-66AW, CCS-66AW, CPW-80AW C-9 C-15 S-9 S-15 PMG-100 PMG-100
OR C-44AW, CRS-66AW, CPW-80AW, CCS-66AW C-12 C-24 S-12 S-24 PMG-100 PMG-100
C-44, CRS-66, CPW-80C-36 C-54 S-36 S-54 PMG-200 PMG-200/100
CL44e, CL66eC-13 C-24 S-13 S-24 PMG-100 PMG-200
CLPS66e C-15 C-30 S-15 S-30 PMG-100 PMG-200
C-54, CRS-76, CPW-90 C-54 (2)C-39 S-54 (2)S-39 PMG-200/100(2)PMG-200
C-64W, CRS-86W, CPW-100W, C-88W, CRS-110W, CPW-124W, CCS-86W C-24 C-36 S-24 S-36 PMG-100 PMG-200
C-64, CRS-86, CPW-100C-45(2)C-36 S-45(2)S-36 PMG-200 PMG-200/100
FT800W, FT-900W C-24 C-39 S-24 S-39 PMG-200 PMG-200
FT-600, FT-700 C-54 (2)C-39 S-54(2)S-39 PMG-200/100(2)PMG-200
FT800 C-39 (2)C-39 S-39 (2)S-39 PMG-200 (2)PMG-200
FT900 C-36 C-57 S-36 S-57PMG-200 PMG-200/100
FT800S, FT-900S C-39 (2)C-36 S-39 (2)S-36 PMG-200 PMG-200/100
UTW-28, UTW-28CS-18 S-36
FRC and FR (Fast Rack Series) use comparable "C" line listing.
Electric CompactElectric ImperialGas Powermite
Insinger40 F70 F40 F70 F40 F70 F
GS 302, GS-14C-4 C-4 S-6 S-6 PMG-100 PMG-100
45SA-5 C-4 C-7 S-6 S-7 PMG-100 PMG-100
Commander 18-5 Series, CS-5, CS-5C, CS-5CH, CS-5H, Ensign 40-2C-6 C-12 S-6 S-12 PMG-100 PMG-100
Commander 18-6 Series, 18-6H C-6 C-12 S-6 S-12 PMG-100 PMG-100
Commander 18-6, 18-6H (Built-In)ABB-13.5ABB-13.5
Admiral 44-4, 66-4, Speeder 64, 86-3, Clipper (all) C-15 C-27 S-15 S-27 PMG-100 PMG-200
Admiral 44-4, 66-4 (Built-In)ABB-15-8ABB-27-8
135-20, 185-20, 250-20, 60-20, 85-20, R-106-2C-24 C-45S-24S-45 PMG-100 PMG-200
Century (all) C-24 C-45 S-24 S-45 PMG-100 PMG-200
Trac 878 C-24 C-36 S-24 S-36 PMG-100 PMG-200
Century 14, Clipper RC-##-RPW-W C-24 C-39S-24S-39 PMG-100 PMG-200
Super 106-2,Trac 321, Trac 321-2/RPWC-27 C-45 S-27 S-45 PMG-100 PMG-200
Defender Flight Machine C-36 C-54 S-36 S-54 PMG-200 (2)PMG-200
Master RC 3-tank Flight Machine C-15C-27S-15 S-27 PMG-200 (2)PMG-200
Master RC 4-tank Flight Machine C-36C-57 S-36S-57
CA-3S-9S-24 PMG-200
DA-3 (2)S-9(2)S-24
Electric CompactElectric ImperialGas Powermite
Jackson40 F70 F40 F70 F40 F70 F
JP-24, JP-24B, JP-24F, JP-24BF C-4 C-6 S-6 S-6 PMG-100 PMG-100
24B Series C-4 S-6 PMG-100
10AB, 10APRBC-5 S-6 PMG-100
44CE*, 66 CERPWC-30 C-54 S-30 S-54 PMG-200
54CE, 76 CERPWC-36(2) C-30 S-36(2)S-30 PMG-200
64CE, 86 CERPWC-27C-39 S-27 S-39 PMG-200
100C-12 C-24 S-12S-24PMG-100
100B, 100PRB, 150B, 150PRB C-9 S-9
200C-7 C-12 S-7 S-12 PMG-100 PMG-100
200BC-6 S-6 PMG-100
Tempstar GPXPMG-100
Tempstar, Tempstar SDS, Tempstar HHC-6 C-12 S-6 S-12 PMG-100 PMG-100
TS-44, TS-66 C-24 C-36S-24 S-36 PMG-100 PMG-200
AJ-44, AJ-66, AJ-80, WH-44, ES-4400, ES-6600 (ECOLAB/JACKSON) C-24 C-45S-24S-45 PMG-100 PMG-200
AJ-54, AJ-76, AJ-90 C-30 C-54 S-30 S-54 PMG-200 PMG-200/100
AJ-64, AJ-86, AJ-100 C-24 C-39S-24 S-39 PMG-100 PMG-200
* Model #44CE w/SN1999 or below requires larger booster than listed.
Electric CompactElectric ImperialGas Powermite
Electric CompactElectric ImperialGas Powermite
MEIKO40 F70 F40 F70 F40 F70 F
K-44, K-66, K-80C-24 C-36S-24S-36PMG-100 PMG-200
K-54, K-76, K-90, K-64, K-86, K-100C-24 C-45S-24S-45 PMG-100 PMG-200
Electric CompactElectric ImperialGas Powermite
Metalwash/Intedge40 F70 F40 F70 F40 F70 F
FW4 C-12 C-18 S-12 S-18 PMG-100 PMG-100
RS-30A, RS-28LS-15S-24
RT-74, RT-60, RT-42B, RT-42BCS-27S-40
RS-2R S-30 S-45
Electric CompactElectric ImperialGas Powermite
Stero40 F70 F40 F70 F40 F70 F
ER-44, ER-44-10, ER-66S, ER-76S, ER-76SCC-15 C-24 S-15 S-24 PMG-100 PMG-100
ER-64, ER-86S, ER-94S, ER-94SC C-15 C-24 S-15 S-24 PMG-100 PMG-100
SCT-44-10-LW, SCT-44-LW, SCT-66S-LW, SCT-76S-LW, SCT-76SC-LW, SCT-90S-LW C-15 C-24 S-15 S-24 PMG-100 PMG-100
SC-1-2-4-LW, SC-1-6-4-LW, SC-2-4-LW, SC-5-2-4-LW, SC-5-6-4-LW, SC-6-4-LWC-15 C-24 S-15 S-24 PMG-100 PMG-200
SCT-64, SCT-86S, SCT-94S, SCT-94SC C-24 C-45S-24S-45 PMG-100 PMG-200
SCT-108S, SCT-108SC, SCT-76, SCT-94SMC-30 C-54 S-30 S-54 PMG-200 PMG-200/100
SC-6-4, SCT-44, SCT-44-10, SCT-66S, SCT-76S, SCT-76SC, SCT-90SC-36 C-54 S-36 S-54 PMG-200 PMG-200/100
SCT-120S, SCT-120SC, SCT-120SM, SCT-150SMC-36C-57S-36S-57PMG-200 PMG-200/100
STW-110, SC-1-2-7-4, SC-1-6-3-4, SC-1-6-7-4, SC-2-7-4, SC-5-2-7-4, SC-5-6-3-4, SC-5-6-7-4, SC-6-3-4, SC-6-7-4C-30 C-54 S-30 S-54 PMG-200 PMG-200/100
SC-1-2-4, SC-1-6-4, SC-2-4, SC-5-2-4, SC-5-6-4 C-36(2)C-57S-36(2)S-57PMG-200(2)PMG-200
SCT-44-10-SC-1-3-4, SCT-44-10-3-4, SCT-44-SC-1-3-4, SCT-44-SC-3-4, SCT-54-SC-1-3-4, SCT-54-SC-3-4, SCT-76S-SC-3-4 C-36 C-54 S-36 S-54 PMG-200 (2)PMG-200
STPC (Four tank) C-24 C-45S-24S-45 PMG-100 PMG-200
STPCW (Four tank)C-27C-45S-27 S-45 PMG-100 PMG-200
STPCC-30 C-54 S-27 S-54 PMG-200 PMG-200/100
STPCWC-36(2)C-30 S-36(2)S-30 PMG-200 PMG-200/100
SD-2RA, SDRA, SDRA-PACKC-12C-18S-12 S-18 PMG-100 PMG-100
U-31-A, U-31-ACS-24S-45PMG-100 PMG-200
STBUW-1 C-45(2)C-36 S-45 (2)S-36
SC-2-3-4, SC-5-2-3-4 C-30 C-45 S-30 S-45 PMG-200
SC20-1 (low temp.) C-12 S-12 PMG-100
SC20-2 (low temp.) C-12 C-24 S-12S-24 PMG-100
SC-2-8, SC-2-9, SC-1-2-8, SC-5-6-8, SC-6-8, SC-6-9, SC-1-6-8, SC-5-6-9, SC-5-2-9, SC-1-6-9, SC-5-2-8 (low temp.)C-18C-36 S-18 S-36 PMG-100 PMG-200