Hatco: Warming Your Food and Your Hearts!

Hatco is known for its signature convected air technology, but did you know that they are also a family-owned business? So, not only do you get innovative products, you get personalized service. You can count on the quality of the Hatco name, with their large selection of warmers, hot and cold wells, and lamps that guarantee consistent temperatures.

To make shopping for Hatco products easier, KaTom has compiled a list of their most popular items.

This Hatco Merchandising Warmer features:
  • A deck and shelf
  • Mirrored glass back panel
  • Humidified bottom shelf w/5 cup reservoir
  • Individual thermostatic controls
  • Xenon light

This Hatco Buffett Warmer features:
  • Free-standing design with 4” legs
  • Heated base (3125 watts)
  • Buffett-style sneeze guards
  • Incandescent lights

This Hatco Merchandising Cabinet features:
  • See-through design
  • Three intermediate racks
  • Four French-style doors
  • Incandescent lights
  • Clear anodized finish

This Hatco Carving Station with Two Heat Lamps features:
  • Clear bulbs included
  • 14,” 26,” or 30” shade pivot
  • Heated Swanstone base with thermostatic control
  • A 36”x24” cutting board with meat juice containment
  • Bright nickel lamp and post finish

This Hatco Heated Well features:
  • Built-in, heated well, with drains
  • Full-size pans, insulated and top mounted
  • Remote thermostatic control
  • Stainless steel and aluminized construction
  • 3615 Standard Watts

This Hatco Refrigerated Well features:
  • Drop-in refrigerated well, top-mounted, insulated, with drain
  • Electronic temperature control and condenser unit
  • Dryer/filter
  • Aluminized steel construction