Energy Efficient Fryers Buyer's Guide

Yes, a fryer can be "green", but not in color. Green fryers are environmentally friendly, offering benefits ranging from reduced oil usage to minimal energy consumption to increased bottom line profit. In most restaurants, a commercial fryer is a necessity. Fryers allow you to produce large amounts of golden brown product quickly, which helps keep customers happy by reducing the amount of downtime between order and food presentation. When it is time to purchase a new fryer for your commercial kitchen, you should consider the environmental and monetary benefits of a "green" fryer.Energy efficient fryers often boast a slightly higher price tag than a conventional fryer, but will offer a quick return on your investment. Environmentally-friendly fryers use less energy to complete each frying task, which will save on utility costs as well as lowering your businesses carbon footprint. ENERGY STAR certified fryers also help save on oil costs by utilizing new technologies to filter and save oil. Oil can be expensive, and should be factored into the spending costs of your fryer.

Types of Green fryers

Gas FryersThere are two types of energy-efficient fryers for you to choose from, either gas or electric. Gas fryers tend to be more expensive than electric ones, but are typically less expensive to operate, practically evening out the cost in the long run. Gas fryers offer an extremely short start up time and can generally reach a higher maximum temperature than electric units. Gas fryers that are ENERGY STAR certified are at least 50% more efficient than conventional fryers, which can save up to $600 a year on your utility bill.Electric FryersENERGY STAR certified electric fryers have a heating element which is housed inside the oil, increasing the efficiency of the unit. Once an electric fryer reaches the desired temperature, temperature recovery between frying cycles is greatly reduced in comparison to gas models. This quick recovery time makes them more productive during peak hours, which improves the overall performance throughout your commercial kitchen. An ENERGY STAR certified electric fryer is at least 80% efficient, which saves around $80 per year on utility bills.The following chart shows the average savings with eco-friendly gas and electric fryers versus a conventional fryer:

Electric Fryer$15,436.00$14,436.00$1,000.00
Gas Fryer$17,885.00$12,336.00$5,549.00

Frymaster Energy Efficient Fryers

Frymaster, an industry leader for many years, has a number of "green" fryers to choose from, with its Protector fryers being perhaps the most "green" of them all. In addition to being considered "green", the Protector is a definite, proven money saver as well. The initial cost is a bit hefty, but with the extraordinary savings in oil, consistently high product quality and years of dependable service you can expect from a Frymaster product, its an investment with tangible returns.

Smart Equipment Investment

Protector fryers offer the same large capacity of other fryers, however they use around 40% less oil than conventional deep fryers. This exceptional decrease in oil consumption equals HUGE savings for your business. Protector fryers feature the advanced SMART4U® technology which helps to protect profitability. Productivity is accelerated with the large capacity and minimal oil use. With today's high cost of popular trans fat-free oils, this is a significant way to boost your bottom line profits. In fact, for a three frypot unit, the Protector is estimated at saving the user around $4,500 a year, which means, in essence, that the savings in oil will equal the cost of the fryer in just over 6 years of use.

This environmentally-friendly fryer can automatically sense the need for fresh oil and replace it with revolutionary new Oil Attendant technology, which can help to maximize oil life up to four weeks or more, according to independent research conducted by ESCA Enterprises, Inc. Oil Attendant technology senses frypot oil levels and automatically replenishes the frypots with fresh oil when needed from the Jug-In-Box (JIB), which is conveniently located inside the fryer cabinet. This eliminates the need to manually replace the oil, which saves on labor costs and protects employee safety. The Oil Attendant eliminates guesswork from the oil supply, which maximizes the life of the oil and increases your profits.

The Benefits and Necessity of Fryer Oil Filtration

The SMART4U® filtration system ensures that you serve consistently high-quality food that is cooked in clean oil. This smart filtration system offers you the option to "Filter Now" that can prompt workers to start the filter cycle at necessary times with the simple push of a button. This innovative fryer features FootPrint® filtration technology that offers built-in filtration where it is most convenient, inside the battery of the fryer. This built-in system eliminates the need for additional storage space and increases employee safety by eliminating the need to touch or pour hot oil.Frymaster's Protector fryer offers an annual savings of 40% in oil costs every time you fill the frypot. This reduction in coil costs, along with extended oil life achieved through frequent and efficient filtration, can create annual oil savings of over 50% for your business.