CaptiveAire: Available at KaTom

CaptiveAire at KaTom

CaptiveAire has provided the foodservice industry with high-quality ventilation since 1981 and is an industry leader in commercial kitchen hoods. The company provides ventilation components from hoods and fire suppression systems to ductwork and roof-mounted makeup air units. These units improve kitchen safety and help operators meet their local health and safety codes, and are now available for purchase through KaTom Restaurant Supply.

Ventilation Products

When deciding which ventilation products you'll need in your commercial kitchen, there are quite a few variables to take into consideration. Commercial kitchen hoods and their accompanying pieces are completely customizable, and CaptiveAire has all the parts needed to construct a ventilation system from start to finish.

  • Commercial kitchen exhaust hoods are available in a wide variety of sizes. They can be made to hang from the ceiling over an island of cooking equipment or mounted to a wall. Exhaust hoods also include fire suppression, which is required by most local regulations, and filtration, including standard baffle filters and CaptiveAire's patented Captrate® filters, which uses multiple stages to capture more grease.
  • There are several options for what controls you choose to have as well. In some locations, the controls can be mounted onto the end of the hood, while others need to be mounted on a nearby wall. Control panels include controls for the exhaust fan, lights, and pumps for water or fire suppression chemicals, and controls for self-cleaning operations on units equipped with those systems. The most advanced controls can be operated remotely and include energy-saving settings, thermostat controls, and monitoring for indoor air quality and building air pressure.
  • CaptiveAire's offering of fans and ventilators includes models designed to be mounted to the roof, wall, or inline with the ductwork. These fans vary in the amount of air volume they can move, as well as where they should be installed.
  • Ductwork is required to move hot air, smoke, and steam from the kitchen to the outdoors once the exhaust fan extracts it. CaptiveAire offers single-wall ductwork that can be installed with no on-site welding required. For high-temperature ductwork, such as those required for solid-fuel appliances, double-wall ducts are also available with high-temperature insulation between the walls.
  • CaptiveAire's make-up air options include modular packaged units, economy intake, and tempered air options.

Designing a CaptiveAire Ventilation Unit

Because CaptiveAire hoods and ventilation are so highly customized, every hood is specially designed to fit in the space it is intended for. You will be able to choose the hood you require based on the equipment it will be positioned over, the space in which it will be installed, the ductwork required, and the local codes you need to meet. Because there are so many variables at play with these custom-made hoods, it is important to work with a knowledgeable sales representative who is familiar with how to specify ventilation, including hoods, ductwork, and makeup air. Call 1-800-541-8683 to speak with a KaTom sales representative about customizing a ventilation system for your commercial kitchen.