Back Bar Storage Buyer's Guide

Back Bar Storage Buyer's Guide

In any business with a bar area, storage and space are key. With the back bar storage cooling unit, you get functionality from both the refrigerated cooling section as well as to top of the unit which can be used as extra counter space. Choosing the correct back bar storage unit for your business is an important decision and this Buyer's guide will help you narrow down your search.  In the foodservice industry, these units are also known as back bar coolers, back bar cabinets, and back bar refrigeration.

Back Bar Storage Cooler Door Types

Solid Door Back Bar Cooler Glass Door Back Bar Cooler
Solid Door Model Glass Door Model

The back bar storage unit features two different types of door options, solid doors or glass doors.  This page will highlight the benefits of the glass door variety.If your bar serves a large variety of imported or rare beers, the high visibility of the glass door variety will highlight your menu choices.  This allows customers to easily see what products you have available while saving time and minimizing cool air loss. If you plan to store mixes and other products you may not want customers to see or do not directly impact sales, then the less expensive solid door unit might be the best choice for you.

Back Bar Cooler Construction

The multi-functional back bar storage coolers come in a variety of exterior models, including black front and sides, a stainless steel front and black sides, and stainless steel front and sides. After deciding the type of refrigeration you need, the exterior construction is the next choice you must make. Whether you choose all black, black and stainless, or all stainless steel, it is often a good idea to be consistent with your bar colors for aesthetic purposes.Stainless steel models are the most durable, but as with any material, this must be properly cared for to ensure longevity of the product. The black, laminated vinyl material is less durable, but provides a dark bar which helps to hide imperfections and minor nicks that may occur with use. On black bars, dents and scratches may happen more frequently than with stainless steel, but will be less visible.

Back Bar Cooler Door Options

When choosing the best back bar storage unit for your business, another option to take into consideration is the method by which the door or drawers open. Depending on the space your business has available, you may choose from swing, slide, or pull type doors. We also offer back bar storage cabinets with 2, 3, or 6 doors/drawers.One option for door opening systems is the swing method. With swing doors, the hinged door will simply swing open to one side to allow entry into the unit. This door is an excellent choice if you have enough room in your commercial bar area to allow the swinging door to open freely without any obstruction.Sliding or pulling door options are designed for bar areas where smaller spaces are more of an issue. Sliding doors do exactly what the name implies. These doors will slide open to allow access to the contents of your storage unit without occupying the area when the door opens. The pulling door options are also excellent when saving space is a major issue. Pulling door options allow you to open the doors to access your contents without taking up as much room as a swinging door.

Back Bar Cooler Specialty Options

With our back bar storage coolers, we offer a few specialty options to meet the specific needs of your business. We offer pass through coolers, which allows access the the interior of the unit from both the front and back, 2" stainless steel top storage coolers, and shallow depth coolers with a depth of 23"-24". The pass through storage coolers offer maximum storage while allowing you to access the contents of the storage unit from both sides of the storage cooler. This is an excellent specialty choice if your business allows customers to reach in and choose their own beverage while allowing you to do the same from the other side.Galvanized steel tops are a great choice if you choose the build the unit into the bar area, however the 2" stainless steel top option give a more durable, easily cleanable surface that is also more aesthetically pleasing than galvanized steel, presenting a neat appearance to customers.Shallow depth coolers come in depths of either 23" or 24". These coolers are the exact described depth allowing your business to fit these storage units into smaller areas.