Hot Dog Roller Grills Buyer's Guide

Hot Dog Roller Grill Guide

Hot dog roller grills can be purchased with bun storage or without a bun storage area. Roller grills can also be purchased in varieties such as flat roller grills, corral grills, electronic roller grills, and electronic roller grills with bun storage. Hot dog roller grills can be purchased with either stadium seating design, where there is an angle from back to front, or a flat design, depending on which specific model you choose. All of the roller grills offered at KaTom Restaurant Supply offer easy access to control knobs and can be purchased in either non stick or traditional chrome varieties. These commercial hot dog grills are manufactured by our premier manufacturers Nemco, Star, Commercial Pro, and Roundup.

Types of Hot Dog Roller Grills

Roller grills offer the unique stadium seating design to provide the best presentation possible to help increase sales and impulse purchases. These grills have a "slim-line" design which provides additional grill surface, increasing capacity and profits. All brands have easy to access control knobs to control the heat settings on each grill. Select Star models offer a non-stick coating to reduce clean up time. Nemco also offers a unique non-stick design. These grills are perfect for use in snack bars, convenience stores, and recreational areas. Stadiums frequently use these type of hot dog cookers to maximize profits during ball games. Roller grills are covered by a 1 year manufacturers warranty.

Roller grills with bun storage are both attractive and functional. These hot dog rollers allow you to store the hot dog buns under the roller grill, saving space and providing a sanitary storage area for the buns. Select BBC models have a glass door to allow bun visibility and extend the shelf life of the product. Units that have a solid bun door have colorful merchandising graphics to attractive customer attention and increase impulse purchases. These units utilize the "stadium seating" design to increase profits by promoting visibility. The non-stick, chrome rollers make cleanup a breeze and greatly reduce maintenance time. These hot dog cookers are perfect for use in snack bars, convenience stores, and any other area where hot dogs are sold.

Hot Dog Roller Grill Width

Roller grills are designed with varying widths to be fit wherever a roller grill is necessary. Roller grills have widths ranging from 17 1/8"-36". The width of the grill depends on the specific model you choose.

Roller grills with bun storage areas also have widths have vary in size to meet the needs of your specific businesses needs. These commercial hot dog rollers have sizes ranging from 23 3/4"-35 3/4" wide.

Hot Dog Roller Grill Capacity

Depending on the size of your business, you will need a hot dog roller grill to meet the needs of the volume of customers you have. Roller grills have a capacity of 20-75 hot dogs. Smaller businesses or low volume concession areas can purchase a smaller grill, while larger, higher volume businesses should purchase a larger grill to maximize sells.

Roller grills with bun storage areas have varying capacities for both hot dogs as well. These units can be purchased with holding capacities of 30 to 75 hot dogs. A unit should be chosen to maximize sells without limiting the amount of hot dogs that can be purchased at a single time.

Hot Dog Roller Grill Bun Storage

Commercial hot dog roller grills with bun storage areas can be purchased with either a glass or solid door provide a sanitary storage area for your product without taking up any extra space. These units can be purchased with bun holding capacities of 32-48 buns.

Units with bun storage areas have either heated or non-heated storage areas. Heated bun storage areas provide your customers with warm, fresh, ready to eat hot dog buns that add the final touch to the perfect, tasty hot dog.

Non-heated storage areas keep your hot dog buns fresh, without the added warmth which some customers may not enjoy. Non-heated storage areas are perfect for maximizing the shelf life of your bread products.

Hot Dog Roller Grill Surface

Hot dog roller grills can be purchased with two roller surface area finishes. Each of these finishes will offer additional benefits, depending on the specific application you choose to use the grill for. Hot dog grills can have either a non-stick or chrome surface. The exclusive Duratec coated non-stick rollers are the highest performing non-stick rollers available for high volume operations. These Duratec rollers provide exceptional cleaning and durability.

Chrome rollers provide a durable, lasting surface which will allow your business to use traditional cooking methods with hot dogs.

Hot Dog Roller Grills Specialty Options

Hot dog roller grills are available in two specialty options. Flat grills and corral grills are both available to meet the needs of your businesses. Flat roller grills provide a flexible work area that allows easy access from either side of the grill, which is perfect for self-serve areas. These units have individual roller heating elements to provide the perfect amount of cooking heat for your hot dogs. These flat grills can have either non-stick or traditional chrome cooking surfaces. Both surfaces are easy to clean and maintain, minimizing the amount of time your employees must spend on cleanup each night.

Corral grills provide a unique and innovative preparation method for both hot dogs and sausages. The product is placed in a "corral" area which moves up and down over a heated grill surface. This up and down motion allows the product to baste in its own juices, which provides that tastiest, most flavorful hot dog or sausage possible.

Hot Dog Roller Grills Technology

Hot dog roller grills can either be purchased with manual or electronic controls. Electronic controls tend to improve multizone temperature control, which will improve the overall safety of your food product and minimize waste. The bright LED display improves grill management by providing increased visibility of the control area.

Manual grill controls allow you to customize the heat settings of the grill manually, minimizing the risk of malfunction within the unit. Manual controls allow for numerous heat settings and linear heat control throughout the unit.