Food Bar Equipment

In order to keep your buffet line functioning, we have a wide selection of food bar accessories. We offer insets for drop-in display, water pans that provide even heating to food pans, adaptor plates and adaptor bars to accommodate different types of food pans, and crocks and crock lids.

Food Bar Sneeze Guard

A food bar sneeze guard helps keep your food sanitary. These buffet add-ons are required by health codes in most areas. We have a large selection, with lengths...

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Food Bar Tray Slides & End Shelves

A buffet line is not complete without a food bar tray slide and end shelf. Without these, your customers will have to hold their plates while filling them. By i...

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Inset & Spillage/Water Pans

Broaden your buffet's entree options by adding food bar insets from KaTom Restaurant Supply! Soups presented in our mirror finished food bar insets will look d...

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Adaptor Plates & Bars

Food bars effectively keep foods at the needed temperatures but often leave the organizational aspects to the restaurant owner. Set up your food bar attractive...

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Salad Bar Crocks

Stock up on salad bar crocks to organize and serve salad dressings, condiments, and soups for your customers to enjoy.

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Tiles & Cut Outs

Tiles and cut outs are available to hold some of the most common serving items like dressing crocks, soup tureens, casserole dishes, and more. These are availab...

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Miramar Pan and Template

A Miramar pan from Vollrath marries durable construction with stylish looks. Made from thick 3-ply stainless, these pans have a long life. A mirror-finished int...

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Water Bath Heater

A water bath heater provides gentle, even temperatures to retherm frozen and chilled foods without the risk of scorching them.

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