Hobart Ventless Dishwashers

Put Steam to Work with a Hobart Ventless Dishwasher

Hobart has been serving the foodservice industry since its inception in 1897 and has been producing innovative warewashers since 1926. The company's long history of innovation continues today with a high-temp commercial dishwasher that can be installed without a ventilation hood, saving operators money and space in crowded kitchens. As the pioneers of the Advansys ventless door-type dishwasher, it comes as no surprise that Hobart has been awarded ENERGY STAR's Partner of the Year award for seven consecutive years as of 2016.

Advansys Energy Recovery

When Hobart's engineers set out to design a ventless dishwasher, they went beyond finding a way to stop water vapor from escaping. They wanted to make use of the steam that wasn't being vented, and the Advansys system does just that with its 30-second Energy Recovery condensing cycle.

Advansys warewashers take advantage of the fact the steam is hotter than the incoming water by using the former to heat the latter for the next cycle. As high-temp commercial dishwashers, these units require water to reach 180 degrees Fahrenheit for the rinse cycle. Advansys Energy Recovery condenses the steam and water vapor onto heat exchanger coils filled with the incoming water, heating it to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. This leaves only a 40-degree-rise left for the booster heater to complete for the water to reach the necessary sanitizing temperature.

Ventless Savings

The most obvious way Hobart's ventless dishwasher saves you money is by not requiring the purchase and installation of a ventilation hood. These systems are often more than just a hood, requiring ductwork and additional HVAC to be installed, and can quickly add up to thousands of dollars' worth of products and service, not to mention the ongoing energy costs of running the system. While this may be the most obvious financial gain to be had from purchasing a ventless warewasher, it isn’t the only one.

By using the steam produced by the wash cycle to heat incoming water for the rinse cycle, these dishwashers reduce the amount of time that the built-in booster must run. While the booster heater is only one part of the warewasher, it is a very energy-intensive part, and reducing its running time can save operators hundreds of dollars each year. Advansys models also use less water than many other door-type dishwashers at only .74 gallons per rack, saving users money on water usage as well.

Money Saved Based on Daily Cycles1

Cycles Per DayYearly Power Cost Savings


In addition to the utility savings a Hobart ventless dishwasher will net you, you can also garner additional benefits due to the equipment's ENERGY STAR status. Many local utilities offer rebates or tax breaks to business that purchase qualifying equipment.2 Additionally, ENERGY STAR equipment can help you earn LEED credits with the U.S. Green Building Council's certification program.3 This certification adds legitimacy to claims of going green, which can draw in customers looking for socially responsible options when dining out.

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