Hobart Ventless Dishwasher

Hobart makes age-old chore more efficient with new technology

If a warewasher came with a check with your name on it for $5,068, it would make that equipment choice considerably easier. If it also offered as much as $1,568 in your wallet each year it operated in your kitchen, it may seem like a no-brainer.

The folks at Hobart are bringing those potential returns – though in the form of cost reductions, not actual checks – with their line of ventless dishwashers, which eliminate the need for the unit to be under a hood. That means initial savings ranging in the thousands of dollars from not having to install that ventilation system, then annual reductions in cost from not having to keep it running. These ventless warewashers use technology innovated by Hobart to eliminate the need for the hood capture system necessary with traditional dishwashers, which prevent vapors created by the dishwasher from heating the entire kitchen and creating a rain cloud over everyone’s heads.

The 411 on ventless warewashers

So, what makes these dishwashers capable of doing something that never before seemed possible? During a unique cycle at the end of the washing and rinsing, ventless dishwashers use fans to force the heated vapor – steam – across fins on heat exchanger coils filled with cold inlet water. This promotes condensation, with that excess water captured and drained. Meanwhile, the process also heats the water in the coils, which then needs little energy to bring it up to the level needed for rinsing the next set of racks. To put it simply, that means you’re saving money because the heat is reused for the following load.

Hobart offers units that handle either 28 or 40 racks per hour, which translates to about 750 or 1,000 dishes. These units are about as efficient as standard models, even counting the brief condensing period that follows the wash cycle.

The workhorse of warewashing

These machines aren’t just innovative, they’re also multi-purpose, serving as two machines in one. Four washing cycle options lasting one, two, four and six minutes, plus time for the condenser to run, make it possible to select the best one for whatever you’re washing. That means racks filled with wine glasses and porcelain plates can slide through as easily as dirty broiler pans and sticky pots. These units are certified by NSF, an agency dedicated to safety and public health, to handle it all. They’re also capable of washing as many as 40 racks per hour when using the 1-minute cycle.

Hobart's ventless dishwashers are available in both front-load and door-type models.

Saving energy, water and your bottom line

On top of all those benefits, these Hobart units are also extremely efficient and are Energy Star rated for their reduced power usage. Their ability to recover energy from the steam for the inlet water means they don’t have to work as hard to bring it up to the 180 degrees Fahrenheit required for sanitizing rinse water. That means the hot water line is used only once for the initial fill. That alone equals an energy recovery of $792 per year based on 200 cycles a day, 360 days a year at a cost of $.011 per cycle.

They also need less water, using only .74 gallons of water per rack, far below the average of 4 gallons per rack the average commercial dishwasher uses. Since the typical warewasher is likely to last 20 to 25 years, there is considerable savings available through the reduced energy and water usage of these units.

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