Medium- & Heavy-Duty Hobart Slicers Buyers' Guide

Find the Right Hobart Slicer

Hobart, a leading provider of foodservice equipment, offers a medium-duty slicer and a series of heavy-duty slicers to best fit your foodservice operation's slicing needs. Read more to learn about each slicer's features and find the right Hobart meat slicer for you.

The Hobart Edge12 Medium Duty Slicer

To meet your medium-duty slicing needs, try the updated version of a classic, the Hobart Edge 12 medium-duty slicer. This Hobart deli slicer can slice for an average of 2-1/2 hours per day, making it ideal for any foodservice operation that needs to slice a moderate amount of meat or cheese each day.

This Hobart slicer meets the newest NSF standards and includes a number of features intended to boost performance. The manual slicer has a chrome-plated, carbon steel knife, which has a 12-inch diameter to ensure slicing quality, and the precision system adjusts slice thickness from tissue-thin to 9/16-inch thick.

The carriage can handle food up to 10 inches wide and 7-1/2 inches high or 8-1/4 inches in diameter. Meanwhile, the one-speed, 1/2 H.P. knife-drive motor and 300 RPM Poly V-Belt drive system are built to operate quietly, extend the machine's belt life, and reduce the need for maintenance.

Many features on this Hobart meat slicer are intended to provide easier cleaning and better sanitation. The top-mounted Borazon stone sharpener provides a razor-sharp edge and is removable and submersible for easy cleaning. The rear deflector, meat grip, and carriage system are also removable for easier cleaning access. To protect the operator, the gauge plate, which protects the knife edge, must be closed before the carriage can be removed, and the ring guard, which also protects the knife during operation and cleaning, is permanently mounted.

The Hobart HS Series Slicers

These heavy-duty Hobart meat slicers are available in four different variations: the HS6 and HS6N, which include a manual motor and burnished finish; the HS7 and HS7N, which include an automatic motor and burnished finish; the HS8 and HS8N, which include a manual motor and anodized finish with interlocks; and the HS9 and HS9N, which include an automatic motor and anodized finish with interlocks. The N versions in this series feature a non-removable knife option, while the knife feature in the regular versions is removable. That allows the user to put the knife into a warewasher and enables faster cleaning of the ring guard area.

The heavy-duty series of Hobart meat slicers features a 13-inch knife with a super alloy edge, which lasts up to three times longer than carbon-coated or stainless steel knives, and a 1/2 H.P. knife drive motor and Poly V-Belt drive system that runs at 430 RPM. The carriage can handle food that is up to 12-inches wide and 7-1/2 inches in diameter, and the gauge plate is adjustable to slice food up to 1-inch thick. The HS9, HS9N, HS7, and HS7N Hobart meat slicers include four stroke speeds, allowing the operator to choose between 28, 38, 48, or 58 strokes per minute.

The top-mounted Borazon stone sharpener sharpens in only five seconds and, like several other of the machine's parts, is removable and warewasher-safe for enhanced sanitation. Other features, like no-volt release and automatic shut-off, are also included on some models. The Hobart meat slicers in the HS series include accessories like a full fence, food chute, slaw tray, and debris deflector. Additionally, the zero knife exposure feature, removable knife option, removable ring guard cover, and tilting carriage system come standard on these Hobart deli slicers.