Durability & Warranties Make Star Products Reliable in the Kitchen

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Star Manufacturing produces a wide variety of commercial kitchen products, from merchandising and dispensing equipment to griddles, fryers, and charbroilers. Based in St. Louis, the company has been manufacturing countertop kitchen equipment for nearly a hundred years, and has become a trusted name in the restaurant industry. Their reliable products are backed with a warranty to give customers the peace of mind that comes with knowing they are purchasing products they can depend on.


Star Manufacturing produces two lines of griddles: Ultra-Max® and Star-Max®. The Ultra-Max series features all-stainless-steel construction, with heavy-duty metal knobs and a 1-inch thick steel or chrome plate. This reliable construction is made to last for years, and comes with a three-year parts and labor warranty to address any manufacturing defects. Chrome griddle surfaces are warrantied for an additional two years.

Star-Max series griddles have aluminized steel and stainless steel welded construction, a stainless steel grease drawer, and metal knobs. The griddle plate can be made of steel or chrome, and is an inch thick to ensure energy efficiency and even heat distribution. These griddles come with a two-year parts and labor warranty, and chrome griddle surfaces are guaranteed for five years.


Charbroilers produced as part of Star Manufacturing's Ultra-Max series feature stainless steel construction, adjustable cast iron grates, cast iron burners, and steel alloy radiants, all of which help prevent warping. These charbroilers have a three-year parts and labor warranty, so you can rest assured that your equipment will be swiftly repaired, should any components fail.

The economical Star-Max charbroilers are constructed of aluminized steel, with a stainless steel front and black trim. The adjustable cast iron grates are double-sided. The stainless steel splash guard includes a removable backsplash to make cleaning easy. These charbroilers come with a 2-year parts and labor warranty to ensure your charbroiler stays in optimal working condition.

Hot Plates

Hot plates are available in Star Manufacturing's Ultra-Max and Star-Max lines. The Ultra-Max hot plates feature all stainless steel construction, while the Star-Max hot plates have an aluminized steel body with a stainless steel front.

Both series use heavy-duty cast iron grates and metal knobs, as well as a bull-nose design to prevent operator injury. Double walls and an enclosed base to protect the surface below are included in the Star-Max line. Ultra-Max hot plates feature a three-year parts and labor warranty. Star-Max hot plates come with a two-year parts and labor warranty.


Star Manufacturing includes a fryer as part of their Star-Max series. This fryer is available in a gas or electric model, with sizes ranging from a 10-pound capacity to a 30-pound capacity. The cabinet is constructed of stainless steel, and the kettle is nickel-plated steel.

Every Star-Max fryer will come with a two-year parts and labor warranty. These fryers come with a built-in high-limit thermostat to help prevent overheating and fire danger.

Star Warranty

While Star offers extended warranties on most products in the Star-Max and Ultra-Max lines, the rest of its catalog isn't left lacking. All Star Manufacturing products, with the exception of custom-built equipment, come with a one-year limited warranty on parts and labor. This warranty period can make purchasing decisions easier for foodservice operators who need to know they are receiving quality equipment.

Star's warranty program does not end there. If you have to buy a part for repair after your equipment is out of warranty, Star warranties the parts bought for 90 days, to ensure they are working properly in your equipment.

If you purchase a Star Manufacturing product, be sure to read the full warranty policy to ensure you do not inadvertently void your warranty through repairs or misuse. Some products also require an inspection by a factory-authorized technician after installation for the warranty to be valid.