Become a Coffee Rock Star with the Rancilio Rocky

Rancilio Rocky Coffee Grinder

The best-tasting coffee begins with freshly-ground beans. That's why the Rancilio Rocky is an essential investment for any coffee connoisseur. This burr grinder gives you fine-tuned control over the coarseness of your ground coffee so you can have fine grinds for espresso or coarse grinds for a French press. Between those extremes, you'll find a medium grind suitable for most drip brewers.

Doser & Doserless Versions

There are two versions of the Rancilio Rocky grinder, and the difference comes down to how the fresh grounds are dispensed. The standard Rocky is what's known as a doser grinder. It dispenses ground coffee into a portioning hopper. Flip a lever on the hopper to dispense grounds in 0.2-oz. (7 g) doses. This method makes it easy to brew a consistent product batch to batch. Once you determine the optimal number of doses for your favorite coffee brewing method, you can dispense exactly that amount each time with no guesswork and no need to measure or weigh the grounds.

The doserless Rocky SD dispenses grounds directly into a portafilter, basket, or any other container you place under the chute. You have full control over how much coffee is ground and dispensed. This method is favored by coffee lovers who prefer to weigh or scoop their coffee grounds with separate tools to ensure they're using the right portion each time. Fewer moving parts make this version of the Rancilio Rocky grinder easier to clean and maintain.

Each version of the Rocky includes a hopper with the capacity for 10.5 ounces of whole coffee beans. Each also has a portafilter holder for dispensing coffee directly into the basket. On the doserless version, this piece is removable to accommodate other vessels like drip machine baskets and French press pots. A collection tray underneath keeps loose grounds from making a mess on the countertop and is fully removable for easy emptying and cleanup.