Vollrath Cayenne Heat Strips

Vollrath Cayenne Heat Strips

Vollrath's reputation for producing quality commercial restaurant equipment makes it an obvious choice for many operators. The company's wide range of offerings include cooking, warming, and food prep equipment, as well as cookware and smallwares. A few years ago, engineers at Vollrath decided to tackle heat strips. Conventional heat strips had several problems that they hoped to improve upon, including limited heating areas and a lack of control options. The result of their work was the Cayenne® line of heat strips, with a superior design that allows operators to get the most efficient use out of a single heat strip.

Maximized Heating Area

Conventional heat strips have an issue that is both inconvenient and potentially dangerous: A concentrated area of heat directly underneath the heating elements leaves as much as 6 to 9 inches at the ends of the strip where food is not properly heated. This limits where you can put plates to keep them warm and can be dangerous if an employee accidentally puts a plate under the end of one of these strips, not knowing that the heat strip cannot keep food out of the danger zone in that location.

heat strip heat patterns

These thermal images were produced after 3 hours of heating from 11 inches above an aluminum surface. As you can see, the Cayenne heat strip on the left heated an area 33 percent larger than that of the other model on the right. This end-to-end heating allows you to keep more plates safely heated at once.

Customizable Heat

Cayenne heat strips are available with several options that allow you to customize them to meet the needs of your business. Below are some of the options you have to consider when you place an order:

  • Controls can be attached to the heat strip or mounted remotely. Remote controls are more difficult to install, but can add the convenience of having the switches to all of your heat strips in one place. Because the heat of the strip can eventually wear on the electronics in the controls, remote controls are also likely to last longer. However, fixed controls are usually more cost-efficient at the time of the initial purchase.
  • Heat-resistant Kool-Touch thermoplastic decorative trim can be added thanks to the recessed dovetail, which also adds strength.
  • Reflector assemblies can be adjusted to the necessary angle in the field, allowing you some flexibility in where you can install the heat strip while still achieving heat where you need it.
  • Cayenne strips are available in lengths as short as 24 inches and as long as 72 inches.
  • You can choose low or medium wattage and single or dual strips, depending on how much area you need to heat and at what height the units will be installed.
  • Medium and high wattage heat strips
  • Strip heaters are available with and without lights.
  • Mounting legs available in 9- and 13-inch C-leg and adjustable T-leg options. Mounting brackets are also available to mount strips to existing surfaces.
  • These are available not only as a single piece for installation, but also as part of custom fabrication by Vollrath, including custom-built buffet lines or kiosks.

Additional Features

Vollrath heat strips offer an alternative to traditional heat lamps that only warm small areas. These units feature aluminum housing for a strong but lightweight unit and an extra-bright reflector to help ensure even heating. The heating element is sheathed, which helps add to its durability so you can enjoy a longer product life, but when service is needed, access to the element only requires the removal of two screws. Vollrath heat strips are all made to order in the United States to ensure quality and dependability.