Jet Tech Buyers' Guide

Jet Tech Dishwashers Offer Versatility and Convenience

Commercial dishwashers must be able to sanitize piles of dirty dishes while being easy to operate and durable enough to be a worthy investment. Jet Tech dishwashers manage to do all of this and more, with durable double-wall stainless steel construction and innovative technology that ensures all dishes are sanitized. No matter what type and volume of dishes your foodservice operation needs cleaned, Jet Tech has a dishwasher to meet your needs.


Undercounter dishwashers have to fit a lot of design and technology into a small footprint, a balance that Jet Tech has achieved, with several undercounter models to choose from. All of the undercounter models feature double-wall insulation to reduce the amount of ambient noise and heat they create, making for a more comfortable work environment. A safety switch in the door prevents it from being opened in the middle of the wash cycle to keep your employees safe from hot water.

Most of the undercounter dishwashers from Jet Tech are high-temperature models, using a built-in booster to create hot water of at least 180 degrees Fahrenheit to sanitize dishes. The company does offer one low-temperature model, which includes a built-in chemical pump system to make operation as simple as possible. Seamless interior chambers and removable wash and rinse arms make these dishwashers easy to clean and maintain, so you can get the longest life possible out of your investment.

As an added bonus, Jet Tech offers three ENERGY STAR undercounter models. The F-16, F-18, and 737 models all have the ENERGY STAR seal of approval, meaning they meet stringent requirements on energy and water consumption. These models use as little as half a gallon of water per cycle and can wash as many as 30 racks of dishes per hour. The low-temperature X33 model is capable of washing as many as 37 racks per hour.


Door-type dishwashers are taller than the undercounter type, and are usually freestanding. Some use a pass-through setup where racks can either pass straight through or go in the front and come out one of the sides, if the unit is set up in a corner. Jet Tech pass-through models are field-convertible so that you can find the workflow that works best for your kitchen or dishroom. The door easily slides up and down to allow the racks to be pushed into the unit. The clearance of this door and the washing chamber will vary from 18.5 to 33.46 inches between models, and will determine the size of dishes the unit is able to wash. This type of commercial dishwasher is often used alongside dishtables, as their height allows the workflow to move smoothly with loading and unloading being on the same level as the tables.

All of Jet Tech's door-type commercial dishwashers are ENERGY STAR certified, making them some of the most energy- and water-efficient units available. These use between 1 and 1.6 gallons of water per cycle, and can wash from 30 to 45 racks per hour. All of the door-type dishwashers use high-temperature sanitization and have built-in boosters to ensure the rinse cycle reaches at least 185 degrees Fahrenheit. Scrap filters protect the water pumps from debris and are easily removable to make cleaning simple.


If your commercial kitchen goes through a high volume of dishes, you may be best served by a Jet Tech conveyor dishwasher. These are often seen in cafeterias and institutional kitchens, due to the huge number of dishes these units can handle. The FX-44, Jet Tech's conveyor dishwasher, can wash as many as 210 racks of dishes per hour, with adjustable speeds that give the user complete control over how fast the washing process moves.

This Jet Tech dishwasher makes use of the latest technological innovations in warewashing. The Hydrowash design minimizes water stream overlap to get the most use out of the water jets. The Thermostop feature ensures that proper rinse temperatures are reached so that all dishes are thoroughly sanitized. This model also features an hour counter and a water change indicator, so you know when your machine needs fresh water or maintenance without having to rely on guesswork.


Jet Tech also offers a specialty warewasher, the XG-37 rotary bar glasswasher. This glasswasher uses a conveyor system to wash as many as 18 glasses per minute, using 3 gallons of water per cycle. With 10-inch clearance, even oversized glasses and pitchers can be washed and sanitized.

The XG-37 uses low-temperature sanitization, and has built-in chemical pumps for consistent results. Because hot water is not needed to sanitize in this Jet Tech dishwasher, the glasses come out cool to the touch and ready to use. This model uses as much as 59 percent less water and 87 percent less energy than comparable models, saving you money in utilities while cleaning your dishes.