Digest of FDA Food Safety Modernization Act

FDA Food Safety Modernization Act
Don’t endanger your customers’ health, or endanger your restaurant.


Signed into law on January 4, 2011, by President Obama, the Food Safety Modernization Act aims to strengthen the Food and Drug Administration’s authority to regulate America’s food industry for the purpose of averting foodborne illnesses and the spread of contaminants, due to improper commercial refrigeration, cooking techniques, and non-compliant food storage.

FDA Inspection Data

Key Facts & Background

General Information & Data on the FSMA

Appropriations for FSIS

Government Resources

Organizations Involved with the FSMA

  • FoodSafety.gov: a government website that provides consumers with federal food safety information
  • CDC: upholds the FSMA by working with the FDA to research foodborne illnesses and advocate food safety
  • >Food and Drug Administration (FDA): this group’s mission with respect to food safety is to move the focus to avoiding contamination altogether, as opposed to simply responding to outbreaks

Industry/Union Commentary, Response

The Impact of the FSMA on International & Local Food Industry Organizations

FDA Foreign Office for the FDA

Research Community/Consumer Advocacy/Activist Group Response

  • NSF International: a worldwide organization responsible for producing health standards
  • Center for Effective Government: a Washington, D.C.-based group which carries out research and develops new reforms with the mission to protect citizens and the environment
  • U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention: a nonprofit group working alongside the FDA to set safe standards for food quality, along with dietary supplements and medicine
  • Community Alliance with Family Farmers: an alliance whose mission is to advance sustainable agriculture by working together with farmers and urban advocates
  • Food Safety News: this news source provides information on outbreaks from foodborne illness, current food safety, and food policy

Foodborne Illness Background & Facts

  • Partnership for Food Safety Education: this organization works to reduce the cases of foodborne disease in America
  • PBS-Frontline: this article provides a list of pathogens found in foods which could cause infection, along with the symptoms of each
  • Live Science: a resource for current scientific events and science articles
  • USDA Economic Research Service: the ERS works to keep the public informed on agriculture and food policies, and provides research for the USDA
Appropriations for FDA

State-Based Resources

Speeches, Statements, & Letters

Articles Published on Whitehouse.gov

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