About Henny Penny

Henny Penny

Named after the fowl fable of the same name, Henny Penny began producing foodservice equipment in 1957 when its founder created the first commercial pressure fryer. The company now offers a variety of equipment that meets commercial and industrial holding, roasting, steaming, merchandising, and, of course, frying needs. All of these products are made in America at Henny Penny's Eaton, Ohio, location, and the company focuses on innovation and quality to give operators efficient and reliable equipment.

The Benefits of Using a Henny Penny Fryer

A Henny Penny pressure fryer can help you keep up with customer demand and expectations by quickly producing juicier fried chicken. The company's flagship product, pressure fryers are designed with a gasketed lid that seals the fry pot and its contents to create a pressurized environment. Because the heat cannot escape through the top of the unit during frying, the product inside retains more moisture and flavor. This type of fryer can cook a superior product in less time at a lower temperature, and Henny Penny pressure fryers feature a unique rectangular fry pot that fries food more evenly. The company also offers more traditional open fryers that provide fast temperature recovery for frying foods that need to remain crispy, like fries and onion rings.

All Henny Penny fryers come standard with a built-in oil filtration system, which extends the life of your oil and lowers the amount of oil maintenance your staff will have to perform. Because these fryers are designed to save time, energy, and oil, the company estimates that operators can see a return on investment in as little as two years. To ensure it provides peak performance, each fryer is tested before shipping.

Other Ways to Cook with Henny Penny

In addition to providing frying equipment, Henny Penny offers combi ovens and rotisseries for steaming and roasting. These models are available with the following performance-enhancing features:

  • Therma-Vec combines convection and radiant heat to cook quickly and evenly.
  • FlexiRack racking system with multiple configurations offers more capacity.
  • DynaSteam2 distributes consistent moisture to the product.
  • WaveClean automatic cleaning system uses less water, reduces lime buildup, and sanitizes to levels that meet HACCP standards.

Henny Penny holding equipment is also available to help your kitchen staff handle the high volume required during your busy peak hours. Humidified holding cabinets are designed to provide your operation with longer holding times, adjustable humidity control, programmable settings, and the versatility to hold and proof in the same unit. Meanwhile, the company's heated holding cabinets provide more basic holding functions with no moisture. Henny Penny also provides countertop holding equipment, heated merchandisers, and grab-n-go displays to meet the holding and serving needs of a variety of foodservice operations.

Although Henny Penny equipment is not available for purchase online, it can easily be ordered by contacting a knowledgeable KaTom customer service representative at 1-800-541-8683.