Hatco Decorative Heat Lamp Buyers' Guide

Decorative Heat Lamps

Experience function and fashion with Hatco’s line of decorative heat lamps and enjoy the benefit of effective food warming with attractive presentation. Hatco provides heat lamps that can be personalized with a wide variety of shade styles and colors, mounting arrangements, and switch locations.

Colors & Finishes:

You can choose between several colors:

Navy Blue

Warm Red

Gray Granite

White Granite
Hunter Green

Antique Copper

You can also choose to have a gloss finish:

Smooth White

Gleaming Gold

Glossy Gray

Bold Black

Radiant Red

Brilliant Blue

Clear Brushed Metal Finish

Or a plated finish:

Bright Brass

Bright Nickel
Bright Copper

Antique Nickel
Antique Brass

Antique Bronze

Shade Styles:

Along with all of the color and finish choices, you can also customize the lamp shade style. There are 14 shades to choose from, with widths as slender as 6.125 inches and as wide as 11.54 inches.

Hatco Shade Styles

Mounting Styles:

You also have to consider how you would like to mount the lamps. There are several different mounting options to accommodate the style you choose. Using the placement and the length of cord required, you can find the mount to make it work.

Hatco Lamp Mounts Available Hatco Lamp Mounts

You can customize your Hatco Lamp even further. To help create a lamp style that works perfectly in your business, Hatco can meet your specifications down to the smallest detail. Some of the additional options include:

  • Luminaire Option for lighting-only applications (200W bulb maximum)
  • High-watt models available when extra heat is needed
  • Switch locations: Upper, lower, or remote switches
  • Bulb choices: Non-coated or coated, clear or red, with wattage ranging from 60W to 375W

Hatco listens to what you want and need for your business. All of the options in this article can be mixed and matched to help make the perfect lamp for your foodservice operation. Contact a KaTom customer service representative at 1-800-541-8683 to get started building your lamps.