GX Series Offers the Best Value from American Dryer

GX Series Hand Dryers: Quality at its Best

The GX Series hand dryers from American Dryer is the most economical hand dryer the company produces, while still living up to its high standards. The dryer is available in three exterior finishes: white flame-retardant ABS plastic, white epoxy-coated steel, and satin chrome-finished steel.


All American Dryer models are made in the United States with high-quality construction, and are backed by the company's 2-year warranty. The 1/12 HP, 3100 RPM motor comes pre-lubricated and is virtually maintenance-free. The built-in thermal protector prevents the motor from overheating and protects the heating element, which is made of nichrome resistance wire.

The automatic sensor eliminates the need for a button to activate the hand dryer. The sensor is energy-efficient, requiring only one watt of standby power. Dry time is only 40 seconds, but the sensor will allow the dryer to run for as long as 60 seconds while hands are within range.

Vandal-resistant construction protects these hand dryers, including ABS and steel exterior covers that are sturdy and secured with tamper-resistant screws. The air intake vents are also shielded to provide the unit with extra security.


The GX series dryers can help you save as much as 95 percent over the cost of paper towels while providing your customers and staff with a convenient, sanitary means of drying their hands. With a dry time of only 40 seconds, the 120-degree F air dries hands quickly. The dryer produces only 63 decibels of sound, the quietest in its class, and its compact size - at just more than 10-inches wide - makes it able to fit into most any restroom. Hand dryers have the added benefit of contributing to a cleaner restroom by eliminating the trash generated by paper towels.

The only routine maintenance required is a semi-annual cleaning under the cover to prevent the build-up of dust and debris.


GX Series dryers come with a surface mount to make installation simple for a licensed electrician. American Dryer also makes several specialized mounts for restrooms with unique installation needs.

  • American Dryer's universal adapter plate allows you to mount your new hand dryer in the same location that a hand dryer or paper towel dispenser was previously without patching the wall. The plate covers old mounting holes and anchors the new hand dryer to the wall.
  • The ADA recess kit enables GX series hand dryers to comply with ADA regulations by limiting how far the dryer sticks out from the wall. The kit requires a larger wall opening, and is made of stainless steel, so it is sturdy and long-lasting.
  • The ADA Wall Guard from American Dryer is the first of its kind, allowing the GX series dryers to meet ADA standards without needing to be recessed into the wall. The stainless steel wall guard protects the wall and floor from water and is easy to clean due to its seamless construction. The wall guard is easy to install, simply mounted to the wall with screws directly below the hand dryer.