Advantage Series Hand Dryers Replace DR Series

Advantage Series Hand Dryers

For years the DR series hand dryers from American Dryer was an industry standard, but that series has been replaced by the more compact, energy-efficient Advantage™ series models.


American Dryer hand dryers use a sensor to detect when hands are under the outlet. The sensor features a microprocessor that will turn on the dryer for 35 seconds or as long as the user has his or her hands within range, whichever comes first. The standby operating power of the sensor is only 1 watt, making the unit more energy-efficient.

The Advantage series of hand dryers is built with a heavy-duty 1/8 HP motor and thermal protection to prevent the motor from overheating. The heating element gets the air to a comfortable temperature of 120 degrees F to dry hands in 25 seconds. At only 67 decibels during operation, this hand dryer is the quietest in its class.


The Advantage Series from American Dryer comes with several finish options, to allow the hand dryer to fit into your décor. The most affordable exterior is white ABS, a durable, heat-resistant plastic. The unit also comes in a stainless steel exterior, which can have a white epoxy, black graphite epoxy, satin chrome, or brushed finish.

The cover is attached to the base with tamper-resistant screws, and air intake vents are shielded to prevent damage and vandalism. At a little more than 10-inches wide, this hand dryer is compact without sacrificing performance.

Installation & Maintenance

Installing an Advantage series hand dryer is made simple by its universal voltage feature. The dryer will configure itself to any voltage from 100-240 volts on a dedicated circuit that does not exceed 20 amps. Routine maintenance is conducted semi-annually and requires you to remove the cover and remove any dust and lint that has accumulated on the plastic window, inside of the cover, or drying mechanism.

There are several accessories available to make installation possible in any type of restroom.

  • The universal adapter plate makes it possible to mount your dryer in the same location as your old hand dryer or paper towel dispenser without patching the wall. The plate is 16 inches wide by 14 inches high, and is made of durable stainless steel.
  • The ADA recess kit enables you to recess the hand dryer into the wall, reducing its protrusion to less than four inches to comply with ADA regulations for narrow passages. The kit is made of seamless stainless steel, so it is durable and easy to clean.
  • American Dryer's ADA Wall Guard is the first of its kind in the industry. This wall guard not only protects the wall and floor from moisture, it is also ADA compliant without needing to recess the dryer into the wall. This is invaluable for buildings whose walls are difficult to modify. The wall guard is made of stainless steel and features seamless construction, making it smooth and easy to clean.

Cost Savings

The most significant way that a hand dryer will save on your operating costs is through the money saved on purchasing paper towel refills, but there are several other ways a hand dryer can save you money. The labor needed to constantly restock paper towels and clean up the messes made by trash can overflow adds up quickly. Most businesses that use paper towels will also at some point have to deal with sinks or toilets clogged with paper towels. Hand dryers are an investment that can pay for itself quickly.