Cuisipro Kitchen Tools

Cuisipro Kitchen Tools

A member of the Browne & Co. family of brands, Cuisipro produces innovative kitchen tools designed to make your entire cooking process, from food prep to cleanup, more enjoyable. To help you understand what the company's helpful gadgets could do for you, take a look at some of Cuisipro's most popular products.

Tools for Food Prep

Preparing ingredients for a meal can be a frustrating and time-consuming task if you don't have the right tools. Grating fruit, cheese, and vegetables can be particularly trying if your handheld grater offers subpar performance or doesn't have the right grating surface, which is why Cuisipro created the four-sided box grater. This box grater is made with stainless steel and the company's Surface Glide Technology, which gives you sharper, more effective etched blades for easier grating. It's equipped with four different grating surfaces – a fine grater to zest fruit and grate Parmesan, a coarse grater suitable for many vegetables and most cheeses, an ultra-coarse grater to handle soft cheeses like Mozzarella, and a bottom grater designed for ginger root. It also has a slicer to take care of cucumbers and other vegetables.

Fresh herbs can add dynamic flavor to a recipe, but prepping them can be a hassle. The cordless herb chopper, which runs on six AA batteries, gives you a simpler way to chop fresh basil, cilantro, parsley, and more. It includes a 6.7-ounce cup and a contoured scraper to make sure no ingredients are left behind, the blade unit, and an electric base with a pulse button.

Whether you need fruit juice for a dessert, drink, or vinaigrette, the Cuisipro citrus juicer, with a built-in handle, pour spout, and angled design, provides an easy-to-use, ergonomic tool. Two differently-sized reamers make it functional with small or large fruit, and the 1-cup measuring cup base creates a no-mess juice collection process. The rotating pulp selector lets you choose pulp quantity and strains the seeds from the collected juice.

Tools for Specialty Food

Specialty food prep items might not be used as frequently, but having a well-designed Cuisipro tool for the job can be a priceless addition to your kitchen. For example, poached eggs make a great breakfast or snack. Cuisipro offers two different styles of egg poachers to make the process easier. One is made primarily from silicone and the other with stainless steel, but both are designed to hook onto the edge of a pot and contain the egg while the surrounding water poaches it to perfection.

The deluxe fat separator, which has a 4-cup capacity, can help you create healthier gravy for your family. Unwanted components are separated by the top strainer and a fat-blocking plug prevents liquid from getting into the spout until the fat and gravy are separated. Once it's ready, the spout is unplugged and you can pour the gravy into the desired container.

Whether you serve an oven-roasted entrée a couple times a year or every weekend, the roast-and-serve rack will make transitioning the meat from the pan to the cutting board or serving platter a no-hassle task. Equipped with large handles to let you use pot holders without sacrificing a secure grip, the two sides of the wire rack are held together by a pin that runs through the bottom. When the pin is removed, the two sides fall apart, leaving you with a ready-to-cut and serve roast. The rack can accommodate up to 25 pounds of meat and will fit into a 16- by 13-inch pan.

If desserts are your specialty, consider adding a Cuisipro ice cream maker to your kitchen. It will let you prepare customized desserts for your family, from all-natural ice cream and frozen yogurt, as well as non-dairy products for those with food allergies. With the Donvier™ ice cream maker, these treats can be prepared in 20 minutes or less. It doesn't use ice, salt, or electricity, instead relying on the patented Chillfast cylinder, which is frozen overnight and placed in a double-walled cylinder holder, and the blade, which is effortlessly turned by the attached handle.

Tools for Cleaning

A Cuisipro foam pump, which dispenses foam soap with a non-aerosol mechanism, can make hand sanitation more fun and encourage children to wash regularly. Because it reduces the amount of soap used by as much as 75 percent and requires less water, foam soap also saves money. Made from durable plastic to withstand heavy use, the angled dispenser is easily operated with one hand and the pump's suction cup bottom keeps it securely in one place.

To make cleaning oddly-shaped glasses, bottles, and other containers less difficult, Cuisipro offers a flexible brush and a magnetic spot scrubber. The flexible brush can extend to 1312 inches, letting you clean into deep glasses or vases with hard-to-reach angles. The magnetic spot scrubber allows you to clean in places that other brushes or sponges can't reach. This cleaning tool has two parts – a soft rubber scrubber, which is dropped into a container with soap and water, and its handheld counterpart, which is used to guide the small sponge over areas that need scrubbing – and can come in handy when cleaning decanters or bottles with narrow openings, wider bottoms, and impossible-to-reach sides.