T&S Brass: Sink Faucets

If you need to wash dishes in the kitchen or hands in the bathroom, T&S Brass sink faucets have what you need.

T&S Brass: Foodservice

T&S Brass foodservice sink faucets offer hose and nozzle attachments for convenient spraying of various items.

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T&S Brass: Single Sink Faucets

T&S Brass single sink faucets are great for a variety of purposes.

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T&S Brass: Service Sink Faucets

Whatever you choose to use your service sink for, it's not the same without T&S Brass service sink faucets.

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T&S Brass: Electronic

T&S Brass electronic faucets feature sensors to detect motion and automatically shut off when none is recognized.

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T&S Brass: Metering

No more faucets left running to waste water and your money with T&S Brass metering faucets.

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