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San Jamar bar supplies help you keep your bar clean and orderly. The San Jamar Kleen Plug helps you meet health codes and keeps your beer fresh by plugging the taps overnight to prevent dust and pests from entering the lines. In addition to Kleen Plugs, San Jamar offers speed racks to organize bottles, and condiment centers to make garnishing drinks simple. Cap catchers and bar caddies are also available to help keep your bar neat.

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San Jamar KLP200
San Jamar KLP200 Kleen Plug, Use To Keep Beer Taps Clean Overnight, Pa...

KaTom #: 094-KLP200

In Stock
$10.78 / Pack of 5
San Jamar B6186L
San Jamar B6186L Gourmet Garnish Tray, 6 Pint, Lid, Ice Packs, SS

KaTom #: 094-B6186L

In Stock
$91.65 / Each
San Jamar B4061INL
San Jamar B4061INL Gourmet Condiment Tray, 1 Qt, Notched Lid, SS

KaTom #: 094-B4061INL

$28.33 / Each
San Jamar B4186L
San Jamar B4186L Gourmet Garnish Tray, 6 Pint, Lid, SS

KaTom #: 094-B4186L

In Stock
$44.09 / Each
San Jamar B4706INL
San Jamar B4706INL Gourmet Condiment Tray, 2 Tier, 6 Qt, Notched Lids,...

KaTom #: 094-B4706INL

$161.69 / Each
San Jamar B6183INL
San Jamar B6183INL Gourmet Garnish Tray, 3 Qt, Notched Lids, Ice Packs...

KaTom #: 094-B6183INL

$101.95 / Each
San Jamar B400BK
San Jamar B400BK Plastic Bar Caddy w/ (5) Compartments, Black

KaTom #: 094-B400BK

$12.09 / Each
San Jamar B4093L
San Jamar B4093L Gourmet Garnish Tray, 3 Pints, Lids, SS

KaTom #: 094-B4093L

$34.62 / Each
San Jamar B4122INL
San Jamar B4122INL Gourmet Condiment Tray, 2 Quart, Notched Lids, SS

KaTom #: 094-B4122INL

$45.14 / Each
San Jamar B4124L
San Jamar B4124L Gourmet Garnish Tray, 4 Pints, Lid, SS

KaTom #: 094-B4124L

$37.79 / Each
San Jamar B4155L
San Jamar B4155L Gourmet Condiment Tray, 5 Pints, Lid, SS

KaTom #: 094-B4155L

$39.89 / Each
San Jamar B4246L
San Jamar B4246L Gourmet Garnish Trays, 2 Qt, 4 Pints, Split Lid, SS

KaTom #: 094-B4246L

In Stock
$60.87 / Each
San Jamar B4704INL
San Jamar B4704INL 4 qt Gourmet Condiment Tray w/ 2 Tiers & Indivi...

KaTom #: 094-B4704INL

$104.99 / Each
San Jamar B500
San Jamar B500 Gourmet Hanger Strap, For Single Speed Rail, SS

KaTom #: 094-B500

$12.58 / Pair
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