Plastic Barware & Plastic Stemware

Plastic bar glasses are safe and economic, and they're available in all the same designs as traditional glasses and with the same crystal-clear clarity.

Plastic Wine Glasses

Plastic wine glasses allow you to serve wine without the worry of glass breakage. Shop our available plastic wine glasses here.

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Plastic Beer Mugs & Glasses

Plastic beer mugs and glasses are a great option for locations where glass is banned or where you just prefer a more durable material for use in your bar.

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Plastic Shot Glasses

Equip your bar with plastic shot glasses for serving shots without worrying about broken glasses. These are available in several designs and sizes.

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Plastic Cocktail Glasses

Serve your bar's drinks in plastic cocktail glasses so you can enjoy the durability and strength offered by acrylic and plastic barware.

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Plastic Margarita & Martini Glasses

Margarita and martini glasses are essential for any bar. If you wish to avoid fragile glass, consider these plastic margarita and martini glasses.

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