Plastic Cocktail Glasses

Plastic cocktail glasses are a great way invest in more durable bar supplies while reducing the time and money that goes into caring for and replacing glass. Plastic hurricane glasses are available with the signature flared rim, allowing you to load the drink with beautiful garnishes, while a plastic highball glass with minimal design shows off your bartender's work. Browse our available plastic cocktail glasses to find the best fit for your bar or restaurant.

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Carlisle 580807
Carlisle 580807 8-oz Louis Rocks Tumbler - Clear

KaTom #: 028-580807

In Stock
$15.39 / Dozen
GET S-9-CL 9-oz Revo Rocks Glass - Plastic

KaTom #: 284-S9CL

In Stock
$36.49 / 2 Dozen
Libbey 92403
Libbey 92403 10-oz Infinium Rocks Glass, Plastic

KaTom #: 634-92403

In Stock
$30.63 / Dozen
Carlisle MIN544107
Carlisle MIN544107 6-oz Juice Glass - Plastic, Clear

KaTom #: 028-MIN544107

$31.05 / Dozen
GET SW-1424-1-SAN-CL
GET SW-1424-1-SAN-CL 12-oz Roc N Roll Rocks Glass, Clear Plastic

KaTom #: 284-SW14241SANCL

In Stock
$78.00 / 2 Dozen
Carlisle 561007
Carlisle 561007 10-oz Alibi Highball Glass - SAN, Clear

KaTom #: 028-561007

In Stock
$35.76 / 2 Dozen
GET SW-1423-1-SAN-CL
GET SW-1423-1-SAN-CL 9-oz Roc N Roll Rocks Glass, Clear Plastic

KaTom #: 284-SW14231SANCL

In Stock
$75.15 / 2 Dozen
GET SW-1443-1-CL
GET SW-1443-1-CL 5-oz Roc N Roll Juice Glass, Clear Plastic

KaTom #: 284-SW14431CL

$30.53 / 2 Dozen
Cambro DG3CW 135
Cambro DG3CW 135 3.4-oz Dessert Glass -Polycarbonate, Clear

KaTom #: 144-DG3CW135

$80.18 / Case of 72
GET SW-1429-1-SAN-CL
GET SW-1429-1-SAN-CL 10-oz Roc N Roll Rocks Glass, Clear Plastic

KaTom #: 284-SW14291SANCL

$93.98 / 2 Dozen
GET SW-1439-1-CL
GET SW-1439-1-CL 9-oz L7 Rocks Glass, Clear Plastic

KaTom #: 284-SW14391CL

$73.98 / 2 Dozen
GET SW-1440-1-CL
GET SW-1440-1-CL 12-oz L7 Rocks Glass, Clear Plastic

KaTom #: 284-SW14401CL

$75.98 / 2 Dozen
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