Kitchen Sink Parts

This selection of kitchen sink parts and sink accessories includes stoppers, strainers, sink covers, splash guards, and more.

Sink Drain

Find a sink drain or waste valve for your fixture here, whether you're replacing an old one or working on a new installation.

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Sink Components & Drain Parts

Sink components and drain parts include the pieces you need to install your sink or replace worn and broken parts.

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Sink Strainer & Stopper

We have sink strainers and stoppers - those essential accessories that help ensure your sinks work the way you need them to.

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Sink Splash Guard

Sink splash guards keep water where it belongs, inside your sink and off the floor. Find one that fits your sink and conforms to your local health code.

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Sink Cover

When you're not using your sink, protect it with a sink cover. They keep items from falling in and can even double as an extra work surface.

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Drain Board

Drain boards provide a landing platform for just-washed wares, allowing excess water to drain into sinks rather than onto the floor.

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