Carlisle Floor Care & Floor Cleaning

Keep your facility's floors clean and safe with Carlisle floor care products, including everything from squeegees and scrub brushes to brooms and mop buckets.

Carlisle Brooms & Dust Pans

Sweep away debris with Carlisle brooms and dust pans. Upright and push brooms are available with threaded handles and natural or synthetic bristles.

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Carlisle Floor & Window Squeegees

These Carlisle floor and window squeegees may have one or two blades, and some models also feature scrub brushes for additional cleaning power.

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Carlisle Wet Mops & Handles

Carlisle wet mops and handles help you keep your floors sparkling when used regularly along with other Carlisle floor care products.

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Carlisle Microfiber Cleaners

Because microfiber is an absorbent, lint-free fabric, it is a great choice for cleaning cloths and mops. Find the Carlisle microfiber cleaners you need here.

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Carlisle Mop Buckets & Utility Pails

Whether you need a large mop bucket with a side press or a smaller hand-held squeegee with a lid, you'll find a variety of Carlisle buckets here.

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Carlisle Dust Mops, Frames & Handles

A Carlisle dust mop consists of a handle, a wire dust mop frame, and a washable dust mop head, all of which can be found here.

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