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Airpots are a great way for cafes, diners, hotels, or office buildings to ensure guests always have access to hot, fresh coffee. However, it's important to invest in airpot racks that keep those coffee stations organized, especially when they are in areas seen or used by customers. The simplest airpot racks provide a way to organize and secure your airpot, while more elaborate units include compartments for cream, sugar, and stirrers. Many racks include removable drip trays to help contain spills, and others provide sign holders to indicate different varieties of coffee, such as flavored or decaf. More

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Common Questions About Airpot Racks

How many airpots can an airpot rack hold?

Depending on its design, an airpot rack can hold between two and six airpots at a time. Larger airpot racks have two levels, with one level slightly raised so all airpots are visible and accessible. Airpot racks with accessory compartments should be placed in customer-facing areas for a self-service setup, while racks designed solely for airpot storage are generally used in full-service applications.

What is an airpot rack made of?

Airpot racks designed primarily for airpot storage are usually made of metal, while those designed to hold coffee accessories are made of plastic. However, some models may be made of wood, stainless steel, or a combination of materials.

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