Brute: It’s More Than Just a Trashcan

Known for their “Brute” strength, Brute trash cans by Rubbermaid go far beyond their call as trash receptacles to stand in for a myriad of other purposes. Available in a variety of sizes and colors, these commercial-duty cans easily fit in any residential or professional application. Here are five of our favorite alternative uses for the multi-sized and purposed Brute trashcans by Rubbermaid.

The Krute Brute Keg Holder and Dispenser

Image by Home Brew Talk

Home Brew Talk – Krute
Brought to us from Home Brew Talk, this rendition on the use of a Brute trashcan has been named the “Krute.” A clever combination of keg and Brute, this handy device is used to house a keg of your favorite home or purchased brew that you serve with the use of a tap system.

It’s All Gouda Blog – Garden Tuesday
Over at the All Gouda Blog, blogger Paula walks us through the process of planting an entire family’s crop of potatoes in a trashcan. In a few short steps, anyone can have a healthy potato crop with the use of a Brute trashcan, garden fabric, soil, and care.

Mother Earth News – Root Cellar
If you regard yourself as a gardener, homesteader, or fresh food advocate, here’s a winter hack you must know. Forgo renovating your home to build a root cellar and instead create a series of underground root cellars with the use of buried Brute cans. Check out the specifics behind the process from Mother Earth News.

Emergency Management Kit

Image by U-T San Diego

U-T San Diego – Disaster Plan
It’s a tough subject to dwell on but preparation for a disaster is important for the safety of our family and loved ones. Check out how U-T San Diego utilizes a Brute trashcan for the ultimate survival kit. If disaster strikes, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing you and your family have the necessities to forge on.

Tractor Supply – Water Catchment
Keeping up with the garden and landscaping can be a costly endeavor. Tractor Supply has created a DIY water catchment system with the use of a water hose, piping, and a Rubbermaid trashcan. Be sure to check your local regulations before you prepare one of these for your own home. Some local governments restrict use of water catchment because of environmental impact concerns.

Main image clockwise from top left: It’s All Gouda Blog, Mother Earth News, and Tractor Supply.

Chelsea B. Sanz
Chelsea B. Sanz

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