Hire Employees & Find Jobs in the Foodservice Industry with These 3 Companies

In today’s restaurant landscape, labor shortages and a high turnover rate have made it increasingly difficult for operators to hire and keep the right employees. Staffing a restaurant is further complicated by the need for seasonal help, competition between businesses for top talent, the ongoing industry debates over benefits and wages, and the possibility of being short-staffed if someone calls in sick. Finding new hires for long- and short-term positions is difficult, and advertising job openings on general job sites and through word of mouth isn’t the most efficient or effective way to attract quality candidates. If your restaurant is looking for employees or you’re an industry professional looking for work, these foodservice industry job sites want to make the process easier.

Poached Jobs

Locations: Dozens of cities across the U.S.
Types of Businesses: Restaurants, bars, hotels, event companies, country clubs, and more
Types of Jobs: Bar, floor, barista, kitchen, management, hotel, and counter

Portland, Ore.-based Poached Jobs was founded in 2011 to offer the restaurant industry a faster, more effective hiring method. Today, it offers thousands of positions in dozens of cities across the United States, from restaurant meccas to small towns and suburbs. Jobs posted by Poached members can get additional publicity on general job sites and can be boosted for premium placement as an ad to maximize visibility. The Poached team also maintains a blog to offer resources and advice about industry life, issues, and trends.

Poached Jobs - Jobs in the Foodservice Industry

What Employees Can Expect: Poached’s website lets you search by job type and location, or for specific job titles, companies, or keywords. Jobs on Poached are color-coded – green for culinary, orange for bar, grey for management, etc. – so it’s easy to identify which type of job is being shown even if you aren’t searching by specific job type. Job seekers can upload a resume or take advantage of the site’s built-in resume builder to create a new one.

How it Works for Businesses: As with other platforms, businesses must pay to post jobs on Poached, with members paying $35 per post and nonmembers paying $49. Memberships cost $10 per month and include access to job boosting and an interview scheduler tool that can be used to set up and track interviews with prospective hires.

Why You Should Try This Foodservice Industry Job Site: Poached Jobs offers an easy, streamlined approach to advertising and applying for jobs in the foodservice industry, as well as end-user features like the Interview Scheduler for hiring managers and mobile compatibility for job applicants.

Culinary Agents

Locations: 50+ cities across the U.S.
Types of Businesses: Restaurants, hotels, event & catering services, and specialty stores
Types of Jobs: Culinary, pastry, dining service, wine and beverage, administrative, and more

Founded in 2012 by Alice Cheng, Culinary Agents currently partners with more than 22,000 businesses across the United States. Up-and-coming talent can use the company’s website to read free resources on industry insights and career development or browse a “Virtual Mentorship” page that offers a closer look at the careers and advice from established chefs, CEOs, restaurant group directors, and other industry professionals. Culinary Agents also functions as a networking platform where businesses and individuals can create profiles and connect with other users.

Culinary Agents - Foodservice Industry Job Sites

What Employees Can Expect: Instead of uploading a resume, registered users are encouraged to complete their on-site profile, displaying their summary, work experience, education, skills, interests, languages, and recommendations that have been given by other users. If you don’t have a resume handy but want a physical copy, your completed Culinary Agents profile can be exported as a PDF. As a job seeker, you can be matched to open positions or apply manually to jobs you’re interested in and message that position’s hiring coordinator after applying.

How it Works for Businesses: Culinary Agents is free for potential employees, but businesses must pay to post jobs. Pricing includes a pay-as-you-go option and monthly subscriptions, as well as custom plans for unlimited postings and other specialized uses. Postings for full- and part-time positions, seasonal work, internships, and externships are active for 30 days. Hiring managers can close the posting if the position is filled before then, and there is no extra charge to reopen the posting within 30 days of it closing if that hire doesn’t pan out.

Why You Should Try This Foodservice Industry Job Site: In addition to the opportunity to network with other industry professionals, Culinary Agents lets prospective hires search specifically for jobs posted by restaurants that have won James Beard Awards and other top industry honors.


Location: San Francisco and New York City
Types of Businesses: Restaurants and catering companies
Types of Jobs: “Gigs” for cooks, bartenders, front-of-house support, event servers, and more

Industry veteran Will Pacio co-founded Pared in 2015 to solve some of the restaurant industry’s staffing problems with a fresh approach: paring vetted professionals with “gigs” at partnered restaurants and hospitality groups. The app makes it easier for foodservice businesses to alleviate staffing strain during peak seasons (such as summers and holidays), find “freelancers” to fill in when someone is out sick (or when the kitchen is otherwise short-staffed), and ensure special orders (such as catering and delivery) are prepared on time. As of May 2019, Pared only operates in San Francisco and New York City but has plans to expand to Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. As with other sites, the company’s blog offers tips and resources for industry professionals and entrepreneurs.

Pared - Foodservice Industry Job Site

What Employees Can Expect: If you’re an industry professional interested in becoming a Pared Pro, you can submit an application so the company can vet your work experience, references, and other criteria. Currently, Pared does not recognize time spent at culinary schools, temp agencies, quick-service restaurants, or international businesses. Once Pared Pros have been approved, they are eligible to claim gigs and will be paid on a weekly basis for their work. While working at Pared gigs, you are responsible for your own health insurance and must have Occupational Accident Insurance.

How it Works for Businesses: There are no subscription or membership fees, so business owners only pay by usage and don’t have to worry about screening applicants, since every Pared Pro has at least 1 year of restaurant experience. Gigs may be “scheduled shifts,” which are posted 2 or more days in advance, or “on-demand shifts” that become available less than 48 hours in advance. Pared customers can favorite Pros they want to work with again or leave a negative rating for Pros that weren’t a good fit.

Why You Should Try This Foodservice Industry Job Site: If you’re in one of the cities it currently operates in, Pared makes it possible for chefs to “freelance” work and pick up gigs when it’s convenient for their schedule. Pared vets every Pared Pro so business owners don’t have to sink extra time into the hiring process.

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