Vitro Furniture Specializes in Custom Restaurant Seating

Vitro Furniture Specializes in Custom Restaurant Seating

Vitro Seating offers just about every piece of restaurant furniture operators need to outfit their dining rooms, waiting areas, and patios. This includes booths and chairs with hundreds of upholstery options and tables in dozens of sizes, shapes, and laminate options. Vitro has solutions for quick service, casual, and upscale eateries alike. Their specialty lines include classic 1950's-style diner furniture and a Coca-Cola branded line.

All of Vitro's products are built to order in St. Louis. This means that they tailor each piece to the needs of their customers, and their location in the Midwest is convenient for shipping to most of the United States. Many of their available pieces can be customized down to the smallest detail, whether it's a solid wood edge to complement your tables' vinyl top or a uniquely upholstered fabric headrest to accent your booths' vinyl upholstery.

But the customization options don't end with the rolls of fabric in the factory. If you've found an upholstery you like elsewhere and would like to use it on your next furniture order, you can submit a 6-in. x 6-in. sample of the material and a Vitro upholstery expert will evaluate the material and specify the amount of material that will be required to complete the job. If you see an upholstery you like somewhere else, there's a good chance they can get it for you. Our furniture specialists here at KaTom would be happy to walk you through the process of specifying the furniture and fabric you need.

A note on upholstery grading: The furniture industry uses grading scales to indicate the cost of a given upholstery, and those scales are not universal between companies. Most of the common upholstery materials that you'll encounter will fall between 1 and 10 on Vitro's scale, although you may encounter grades higher than that. It is generally safe to associate higher grades with higher quality, although that isn't necessarily the case. Certain upholsteries may be more expensive if supplies are limited, meaning those patterns may receive a higher grade even though they're identical in quality to a lower-cost, more plentiful upholstery.

Econo Series Restaurant Seating

The Econo Series is a budget-friendly line that includes the most common dining room seating, including chairs and booths. The choice between five versatile upholstery colors and a few common designs makes it easy to quickly order the pieces you need without taking the time to fuss over details.

Vitro's Econo Series booths are available in three styles: smooth back, three-panel back, and four-panel back. They're available with beige, black, cranberry, dark green, and saddle vinyl upholstery. The series also includes stackable X-24 chairs with 16-gauge textured legs. Those are available in the same five upholstery colors as the booths and include #2 plastic glides to protect your floors.

Beyond those products, which are offered on our website, we can also help you order other Econo Series items. There are stools available with 24-in. and 30-in. seat heights, and bumper-edge tables in both round and square with myriad laminate options.

Vitro's Econo line includes booths, chairs, and tables in several popular colors.

Restaurant Booths

Vitro booths are built for dependability, and their construction includes some of the highest attention to detail in the industry. Their seats are made with the FLEX-O-LATOR six-layer system, which incorporates bonded polyester fiber, high-density polyurethane foam, and cotton. That padding system works to ensure comfort and durability, while giving protection to the sinuous spring system underneath, which is made with heavy-duty 9-gauge wires on 3-inch centers.

Those springs are stapled to a 1- to 2-inch hardwood seat that's mounted on a hardwood base reinforced with glued corner support blocks. Seats are removable and padded with 1-inch thick foam that complies with California's 117 fire code. Half-inch plywood end panels are padded with half-inch foam and upholstered for style, safety, and damage-resistance. Wood top caps are also upholstered, but can be ordered as a solid wood piece if that will better suite your style.

Booths are available in single, double, and wall bench styles, as well as quarter-, half-, and three-quarter-circle designs. They're among the most highly customizable furniture available, with dozens of upholstery patterns available in Vitro's catalog and even more available for special order. Many models can be ordered with up to three different colors of upholstery, to perfectly match your décor. Lots of details can be chosen when it comes to finding the right booths, including solid backs, button backs, and channeled backs. Many models include wood trim that can be specified in a number of finishes. Choose from 36-, 42-, and 44-inch heights to customize the level of privacy your guests will experience.

Restaurant Chairs

Vitro offers dozens of different styles of chairs in both contemporary and traditional styling. Upholstered, wooden, and metal seats and backs are all options. These chairs are available with the same upholstery options as the booths. Legs are available in both powder-coated steel and wooden varieties including cherry, mahogany, dark mahogany, natural, walnut, cherry, medium cherry, and oak.

Solid wooden chairs make a good choice for an upscale dining room, while stackable chairs are practical for conference rooms, training rooms, and employee break rooms. Parlor chairs and contemporary café chairs are a good fit for casual eateries. These chairs cover the whole spectrum of restaurant seating, to include curved wood, round wood, wood, and metal criss-cross, in flatback, ladderback, and many more designs. Common seat heights are 18, 25, and 30 inches, and many models offer the choice between two or all three of those heights. That means you can order bar seating to match your dining room chairs.

Vitro offers dining room chair to match any style and concept.

Restaurant Tables

Whatever kind of dining room space you have to outfit, you'll be able to find the tables to do so in their selection. It includes round, oval, rectangular, and square tables, as well as those for regular and circular booths and those that go along walls.

The company's relationship with Formica and WilsonArt, leading producers of table surfaces, means that the laminate finish options available on their tables are virtually limitless. Any pattern you have in mind can likely be matched. Table edge options include vinyl with bumper or bullnose designs. Wooden edges are also an option in eased, waterfall, bullnose, and rolled designs, finished with walnut, black, cherry, mahogany, dark mahogany, and natural colors. Other edge options include solid and grooved aluminum, and self edges laminated with the same finish as the top of the table.

The standard table legs on most models are painted black, but many are available painted with a color or, in the case of metal legs, with a chrome finish. Tables are available with tubular steel legs or 'art deco' style contoured legs for a retro look. Pedestal bases can also help create a unique look for your dining room décor. Some of these are available with foot rings that give guests a place to rest their feet while they sit.

Cantilever bases allow tabletops to be mounted to walls for stability and easy cleaning underneath. Flip top tables are a popular option for tables that will be used with booths. They allow the tabletop to be flipped up and out of the way for easy cleaning of the floors underneath.

Vitro also offers outdoor patio furniture, including tables, chairs, umbrellas, umbrella bases, and pub bases. Umbrellas come in 6-foot square and 7-foot octagonal sizes, and in seven colors. For keeping them steady, the company offers round and square umbrella bases with platinum and black finishes. Their Barkley outdoor chairs, available in standard and bar height, feature stay-dry mesh, and can be ordered with and without armrests.

Fabulous 50s Retro Furniture

Retro 1950s furniture provides a nostalgic touch that's always in style, and Vitro has made a name for providing this popular restaurant furniture. Their Fabulous 50s collection includes everything you need to deck out a retro diner.

The chairs in this series are available in several designs, from simple smooth-back chairs to backs that are curved, V-shaped, channeled, and tufted. The two-tone pattern of the Elite and Malibu backs is reminiscent of classic cars associated with the era this seating belongs to, while the button-back will take diners back to a simpler time. The Fabulous 50s line is available with the same upholstery as the rest of the designs, though the Zodiac series of sparkling upholstery is particularly popular for its authentic feel and appearance.

Barstool seating is also an option in the retro furniture line. This includes both bar-height and table-height stools, each of which can be ordered with or without seat backs. A number of details can be customized, from seat rim striping to teardrop bases with colors matching or complementing the upholstery.

Rounding out the retro collection is a selection of booths, available with many of the same upholstery designs as the chairs in solid, V-back, and channeled back designs. The Odyssey series is available with buttons and accent piping, while the Chevie series features a unique chevron insignia.

The retro furniture can be paired with any of the tables, but this seating looks particularly good paired with tables that have chrome edges, whether solid or grooved. Boomerang pattern laminate is a popular tabletop choice for retro-themed décor, with nine versions of it available.

Vitro offers a full line of 1950's style diner furniture including bar stools, tables, and booths.

Coca-Cola Furniture

Vitro offers a unique line of Coca-Cola furniture that can be used to build a comprehensive seating system in your dining room. Their "Dynamic Ribbon" booth features the well-known swirling element of the Coke logo and incorporates the familiar Coca-Cola script logo and the characteristic curves of the soda's glass bottles. These booths are 36 inches high and 44 inches wide, and come in single and double models.

In addition to booth seating, Vitro provides Coke-branded stools in 18-, 24-, and 30-inch heights. These feature classic chrome tube legs or fountain-style pedestal bases with chrome, cast-iron-texture, or bronze-texture finishes. Many of these stools are also available with accent piping in white, red, or black.

Three Coke designs are available on Vitro's seating. The classic bullseye design with a red background features the Coca-Cola script over the familiar Coke bottle. The Fishtail logo features a black background with the Coca-Cola script over a red 'fishtail' banner. For a more subtle approach, the vintage wood design features a wood grain background with the Coca-Cola script printed in the center.

There are also table-and-chair sets that can help you get your entire dining room outfitted easily. These sets come in three versions. Two of them feature the familiar red disc icon with the bullseye design. Those include two chairs and come in 42-inch-high bar-height versions with stools, and standard-height versions with diner chairs. The latter are available with a round or square table. The third table-and-chair set features four diner chairs and an oval, art-deco style table with a red glacier, and boomerang print laminate table surface with chrome legs and edge.

Vitro's Coca-Cola line includes retro and modern dining furniture.