Saving Money & Energy on Commercial Restaurant Equipment

It is extremely important to save as much money, and energy, as possible for your business. One way to do this is by following a few simple tips for the equipment in your commercial kitchen.

1. Always Turn Off Equipment at Night

When leaving for the night, you should always turn off ALL kitchen equipment and appliances. Over the course of a year, this will save you thousands of dollars in energy savings, plus you'll be doing something good for the environment.

2. Consider Electronic Controls

Ensuing that your equipment stays at a consistent temperature is extremely important to the quality of your food as well as the energy savings factor. Electronic controls make it nearly effortless for you to control the temperature of your appliances without having to change them frequently.

3. Never, Ever Block Air Flow

In order for your appliances to work efficiently, they must have proper air flow. Blocking a vent causes equipment to work harder, which will cause wear and tear on the appliance itself, as well asincrease utility costs.

4. Check Door Gaskets

Loose door gaskets are a big problem in commercial kitchens, as they allow heat to easily escape. Faulty door gaskets also allow cold air to escape from refrigeration units as well. As any restaurant owner knows, heat or cold air loss equals loss of money.

5. Properly Care for Door Hinges

Door hinges are one of the most often overlooked, yet most important factors in maintaining an energy efficient kitchen. A faulty door hinge allows for heat to leak out of the cabinet, which causes unnecessary heat or cold air loss. The positive seal of your doors is imperative to the freshness and shelf life of your products.

6. Insulation is Key

Certain types of commercial kitchen equipment needs to be in insulated to maintain proper heat retention. Insulated equipment is less costly to run because of the fact that they maintain proper temperatures while using less energy.

7. Buy Dutch Door Appliances

Nearly any type of refrigerator or heated cabinet can be purchased with Dutch doors, which actually come in very handy when you need to store multiple types of product. Dutch doors allow you to open just a section of the door instead of the whole door, which wastes excessive amounts of energy.

8. Buy ENERGY STAR Qualified Equipment

Equipment that is ENERGY STAR rated will be highly efficient in your kitchen, therefore saving you tons of money on utility bills. ENERGY STAR rated equipment is not only great for you and your business, but also for the environment. Think Green:).

9. Think Capacity

Equipment capacity is highly important to the functionality of your equipment. You should purchase equipment that can cook and / or hold enough product to meet the needs of your business without being overly large. Unnecessarily large equipment nearly always produces higher than necessary utility costs.

10. Rebates are Your Friend

Often, utility companies will offer rebates or other such incentives for businesses who purchase energy-efficient equipment for their kitchen. Check with your local utility company about these types of programs, as they may save you lots of money on the initial purchase cost of the equipment.