Hatco Sanitizing Sink Heaters Buyers' Guide

Hatco Sanitizing Sink Heater

A Hatco sanitizing sink heater, also called an under sink water heater, is designed to fit under a sink and is ideal for 3- and 4-compartment sinks, pot and pan sinks, and bar sinks. Sanitizing sink heaters make manual warewashing faster and more convenient by maintaining a continuous supply of 180-degree sanitizing rinse water without taking up valuable space in your sink. You should carefully consider all of the options before choosing the best heater for your commercial kitchen.

How Sanitizing Sink Heaters Work

Under sink water heaters are designed to fit conveniently under the center of the sink. Hatco heater models have a unique dual reservoir system. One reservoir of the system contains a heating element and should be constantly surrounded by water. The other reservoir traps and collects food scraps from the sink and can be easily emptied after each use. These two reservoirs work together to draw in water from the sink, filter large debris out of it, then heat it before returning it back to the sink to recirculate.

Any model that will be used for sanitizing must meet NSF standards by heating the water to 180 degrees, the lower limit for sanitizing dishes. These heaters use pumps and natural convection to cycle water through the heater, providing a continuous source of heat to maintain the proper temperatures as you wash dishes.

An important factor to keep in mind when considering sanitizing sink heaters is your water quality. Hatco heaters are not intended for use with water with more than 3.0 grains of hardness per gallon, as higher amounts of sediment in the water can decrease the unit's efficiency. Water testing kits are available for testing your water quality, or you can have a professional water assessment done.

U.S. Water Hardness Map

Choosing an Under Sink Heater

Under sink water heaters are designed specifically for use with certain sizes of sinks. Hatco models fit into four different size categories. A sink heater can fit into a sink that is 15 inches square or less, 16-18 inches square, 19-21 inches square, or 21-25 inches square. The size of the heater you need directly relates to the size sink you have. A larger sink will need a larger heater, while a smaller sink can use a smaller, more compact variety. A basic guideline is that your heater will need 2000 watts of power per cubic square foot of sink it is intended to fill. Below are two tables that can help you decide which water heater is best for your sink size and power requirements.

Sizing a Sink Heater

Sizing a Sink Heater

Specialty Options

Hatco sanitizing sink heaters can be purchased with or without a low water cut off valve. A low water cut off valve detects when water levels are falling below the manufacturer's recommended level and automatically cuts off the heater to minimize the risk of element burnout, thus extending the life of the unit. Models that do not have this feature may instead have a warning light to let you know when more water needs to be added. Some models offer the add-on feature of an auto-fill solenoid that will pump water into the unit when needed.

Most units have a stainless steel front, while the sides and back may be powder-coated, but units constructed entirely from stainless steel are available. Digital temperature indicators come standard on 3CS2 models, while dial temperature monitors are available as an addition on 3CS units. Another feature that can come in handy is a remote-mountable control, which is available on 3CS2 models as an additional purchase. To add any of these special features onto your Hatco heater order, call 1-800-541-8683 to speak with a KaTom representative.