Help Prevent Foodborne Illness

Safe Food Handling

Things You Need to Know About How to Handle Food:

According to the U.S. government, approximately 1 out of every 6 Americans gets sick annually with a foodborne illness. Using proper food handling, preparing, and storing techniques, as well as using proper refrigeration equipment, can reduce the instances where harmful bacteria causes food poisoning.

7 Food Safety Steps

Food Cleanliness & Hand Washing

The FDA recommends washing hands and other cooking/preparation surfaces frequently to reduce the spread of bacteria. encourages proper hand washing for 20 seconds or more to effectively stop contamination.

Hand washing resources & how-to guides:

5 Tips to Prevent Norovirus from Spreading

Appliance, Kitchen, & Utensil Cleanliness

Home Food Safety outlines the proper way to clean kitchen surfaces, appliances, and utensils. A Health Magazine article teaches readers how to keep kitchens clean and safe in six steps.

Kitchen Sponge Safety Resources:

Safe Meat Preparation & Storage

The USDA offers many resources on safe meat preparation and storage for various types of meat:

Other Resources for Safe Meat Preparation, Storage Guidelines, & Facts:

  • Farmland provides guidelines on how to safely serve pork, including a guide for meat thermometers and different methods of preparation.
  •’s guide to safe meat handling
  • University of Illinois Extension: Meat Safety for the consumer, including cooking times and correct end-point temperatures

Safe Poultry Preparation & Storage

USDA: articles and fact sheets for safe handling, preparation, and serving of poultry by type:

Further Resources for Safe Poultry Handling & Preparation:

% Positive Salmonella Tests in Finished Products

Safe Egg Preparation & Storage

Temperature Applicable for Food Safety

General Food Storage Tips & Safety (Including Freezing & Thawing)

Resources for Safe Food Freezing:

  • USDA: food freezing fact sheet
  • USDA: using thermometers to ensure safe and proper freezer temperatures
  • storage shelf life for food in the freezer
  • FDA: refrigerator and freezer storage chart

Resources on Safe Food Thawing:

Other Resources for Safe Food Storage:

% Positive Campylobacter Tests in Finished Products

Food Safety and Cleanliness for Large Groups: Catering, Food Service Industry, & Large Parties

Fact Sheets on Cross Contamination

Food Safety for Underserved, Immune-Compromised, or At-Risk Populations

Seasonal Food Safety