Operate at Maximum Efficiency with a True Reversing Condenser Fan

True Offers Smart Commercial Refrigeration Technology

Going backward usually is not associated with progress, but when it comes to commercial refrigeration, backward motion may just be the thing that keeps you moving forward.

True Manufacturing certainly capitalizes on this concept, as evidenced by the design of their automatic reversing condenser fan motors. These motors come standard in their refrigerator and freezer units.

What Does this do for my Commercial Refrigeration?

Low-to-the-ground units equipped with bottom-mounted condensers face the common issue of build-up of dirt, dust, and kitchen debris on the condenser coils. This build-up can cause inefficient operation or, if left without attention, can lead to unit failure.

What can True Reversing Condenser Fan Technology do for Me?

These True condenser fan motors are engineered to direct air both inward and outward to help free the condenser coils of debris and prevent build up from occurring. When the condenser fan first starts up, it blows air through the coils for a few minutes to remove debris before reversing to pull air through them for cooling.

This reduces the number of service calls throughout the life of the unit and will allow for more time between necessary coil cleaning. And of course, with less debris the unit works more efficiently thanks to improved airflow over the coils.

The fan is timed to reverse air flow for 20 minutes for every eight hours of operation so you don’t have to think about it. Through a combination of regular coil cleaning and the unique True condenser technology, these refrigeration units operate quite efficiently, which reduces operating costs and has a positive impact on your bottom line.

Ready for True Efficiency in Your Commercial Kitchen?

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