Escali by San Jamar: Thermometers, Scales, & Timers

Escali Brand Overview

Escali measurement products are designed, constructed, and tested to provide accurate measurements in all types of kitchens. From its NSF-certified professional line for high-volume commercial kitchens to small residential scales that measure baking portions, Escali food scales are stylish, reliable pieces of equipment that ensure safe, healthy cooking. Including thermometers and timers, Escali produces a range of other helpful kitchen products. The range of Escali thermometers, scales, and timers can help both experienced chefs and kitchen amateurs ensure their food is safely cooked and properly proportioned. We'll give a breakdown of the different products Escali offers here.

Escali Thermometers

Animal products must be cooked to an appropriate temperature to ensure no harmful bacteria lingers that could endanger your guests. Checking the meat’s color isn't always accurate enough, but an Escali thermometer will give chefs the exact temperature of their product every time. Other dishes, such as candy, need to be prepared at precise temperatures to get the perfect consistency and sheen. Refrigerators and freezers must maintain certain temperatures, so thermometers ensure they do so.

Refrigerator Thermometer
Oven Thermometer

Refrigerator Thermometers

Refrigerator thermometers ensure your fridge is keeping stored products at safe temperatures. Accurate Escali thermometers placed inside the cold compartment will give constant temperature readings so operators can track the fluctuations caused by repeated door openings. Conscientious operators can use these precise products to ensure their food is kept at safe storage temperatures at all times.

Oven Thermometers

Oven thermometers function similarly to refrigerator thermometers but are built to withstand the intense heat of commercial ovens. Chefs can use these tools to monitor the heat at which their food is cooking throughout the process with far more precision than most ovens can provide. This information enables chefs to tweak their recipes and find the perfect temperature, bringing out the texture and flavor of their dishes.

Probe Thermometer
Candy and Deep Fryer Thermometer

Probe Thermometers

Probe thermometers consist of a sharp insert that reads the internal temperature of cooking meats. When you have a chicken breast that looks done on the outside, but you aren't quite sure about the inside, you can either chop it up and serve a mess, or use a probe thermometer to ensure the chicken has reached safe internal temperatures. These tools are especially helpful when experimenting with new dishes, until the chef has perfected his recipe.

Candy and Deep Fryer Thermometers

These thermometers are made specifically to measure the heat within hot liquids, such as molten candy and simmering oil. Like with oven thermometers, these are necessary because typical thermometers would degrade in the heat they're supposed to be measuring or be degraded by the liquid. Especially when making candy, chefs need to know the precise heat of the liquid product because too much heat can easily ruin the flavor. Constant monitoring helps the chef produce the exact finish he or she desires.

Escali Scales

Accurate Escali food scales are a beneficial addition to any kitchen. Whether you need precise measurements to ensure your baked goods turn out right or you want to dole out exactly six ounces of protein into your meal prep, the best way to do so is with a precise kitchen scale.

Digital Scale
Dial Scale
Surface Scale

Digital Scales

Digital scales are the ones you most likely picture when you think of a kitchen scale. These small scales with digital readouts sit comfortably on counters and can be moved to storage when unneeded. Reducing costs and wasted food, these tools simplify weighing ingredients and finished products. Different grades of Escali food scale offer extra features that can increase the functionality of your scale.

Mechanical/Dial Scales

These scales typically use bowls or hanging platforms to weigh unwieldy items such as flour or liquids. Dial scales don't rely on digital displays, meaning they are more likely to withstand long-term use. Mechanical scales are niche items but quite handy if you need to frequently measure liquid or awkwardly shaped products.

Surface-mounted Scales

Surface-mounted scales are thin, broad scales that fit easily onto a countertop for frequent, unobtrusive weighing. These are great if weighing out a certain amount of product is part of your routine – for example, trying to get the exact amount of dough before tossing the bread in the oven. The sleek design offers an attractive look to many operators.

Escali Timers

Escali timers help careful chefs control another dimension of the cooking process. Ranging from simple LED countdown timers to touchscreen, three-event timers, Escali timers offer multiple ways to ensure your dishes are removed from the oven on time.

  • Touchscreen timers make programming easy and don't have buttons to clean out.
  • Small timers fit anywhere without getting in the way.
  • Sound alerts remind operators to remove food before it burns.
  • Multiple event timers can keep track of several dishes at once – saving time, space, and money over separate timers.
  • Memory recall enables chefs to conveniently reuse common time settings.