Using the ComboEase Combi Oven

Groen ComboEase

Sometimes called combo ovens or combination oven-steamers, combi ovens have become popular tools in commercial kitchens because of their versatile ability to combine convection and steam cooking. The Groen ComboEase line offers full-size combi ovens in single and double-stacked configurations that can be used in steam, convection, or combination mode to bake, braise, poach, steam, and rethermalize food.

Benefits of the ComboEase

Efficient and easy to use, the ComboEase includes a number of features designed to increase the output of a commercial kitchen and ensure that food is cooked with optimal results each time. In addition to standard steam and convection, the ComboEase ovens can be used in low combination and high combination modes, bringing the total number of available settings to four. These are selected by touchpad controls and allow you to control the amount of moisture used during cooking.

Steam mode is a great choice for cooking vegetables, rice, and fish. Combo Hi mode is beneficial for cooking ingredients that tend to dry out without the extra moisture added from steam, while Combo Lo mode can enhance bread and other food that needs a brown crust or soft center. Oven mode can be used for traditional convection baking in temperatures to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, with the fan on high or low speed. When cooking food that needs to be crisped or browned, such as french fries, the operator can select the CrispEase mode.

To achieve this effective mix of steam and convection functionality, the ComboEase uses a gas-powered convection oven and an exclusive boilerless reservoir system for steaming. The reservoir system features three shallow wells covered by a lid, so the oven can switch more quickly between convection and steam modes. In addition to limiting the time it takes to go from one mode to the next, the relatively small amount of water required for operation makes this Groen combi-oven less costly to operate and less susceptible to interior corrosion when compared to spritz-style models.

Cooking with the ComboEase

Because it is a full-size combi oven, one ComboEase can accommodate 10 standard baking sheets or steamer pans, with two per shelf arranged front-to-back. That configuration is safer than side-to-side placement for staff handling pan insertion and retrieval. Other convenient features include a removable drip tray, which prevents condensation, juices, and fat from dripping onto the floor of the cooking cavity, and a hands-free door latch that doesn't require busy chefs to put down their pans in order to open or close it.

The ComboEase does not come equipped with advanced programming options, but does have intuitive and uncomplicated controls that allow beginner- and expert-level cooks alike to set the preferred cooking specifications for each batch of food. It also includes digital controls and diagnostics, plus a display for the timer and temperature, and a pre-programmed cycle for cleaning.

Groen has created a reference guide, some of which is shown below, that suggests cook modes, times, and temperatures for different dishes. Because the specifics of what is being cooked can vary from one restaurant to the next, the information offered here should be adjusted to suit your preferences.

Steam Mode
Item Name (Weight/Amount)Fan SpeedCook TimePans Used
Rice (40 lbs.)Low30 min.5, Non-Perforated
Frozen Broccoli (20 lbs.)High13 min.5, Perforated
Baby Carrots (20 lbs.)High10 min.5, Perforated
Frozen Lasagna (25 lbs.)High75 min.5, Perforated
Combi Mode
Item Name (Weight/Amount)Lo or High?Temp (F)Fan SpeedInitial Cook TimeCrispEase TimeTotal Cook TimePans Used
38-Cut French Fries (15 lbs.)Lo425High2 min.10 min.12 min.5 Baskets
16-in. Round Pizza (5 Pizzas)Lo350High2 min.6 min.8 min.5
Frozen Chicken Tenders (30 lbs.)Lo350High3 min.10 min.13 min.5 Baskets
Proofed Bread, French Loaf (12 Loaves)Lo350Low10 min.8 min.18 min.3 or 4
8-oz. Pork Chops (27 Portions)Lo350Low10 min.20 min.30 min.2, Non-Perforated
Fileted Fish, 1-in. Thick (30 Portions)High350Low10 min.4 min.14 min.5, Perforated
Oven Mode
Item Name (Weight/Amount)Temp (F)Fan SpeedCook TimePans Used
Cookie Dough (120 Portions)350Low14 min.5
Biscuits (100 Portions)400High18 min.5
Sheet Cake (5 Sheets)350High30 min.5
Baked Potatoes (100 Potatoes)450High45 min.5