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Winston Industries pioneered two important cooking methods that revolutionized the foodservice industry and still form the core of their product offerings today. First came the Collectramatic pressure fryer, one of the first widely-adopted fryers of its kind. Their second major innovation was CVap, short for controlled vapor, a heating and holding cabinet technology created as a way to cook and hold food under precise temperature and moisture conditions. That yield and product protecting technology is now built into all of Winston's cook-and-hold ovens and warming drawers. More

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Company founder Winston Shelton cut his engineering teeth at GE, where he authored dozens of patents for the company before setting out to devote his full attention to a piece of equipment he had been working on part time. That equipment was a revolutionary fryer that won the attention of a famous Kentucky colonel who became Shelton's first major customer, revolutionizing the fast food industry and changing the way America thinks about chicken.

Collectramatic Pressure Fryer

The Collectramatic pressure fryer was among the first equipment to be engineered specifically as a safe method for deep frying chicken under pressure. It achieves a crispy coating while leaving the meat juicy on the inside, all at a speed that's impossible to achieve in traditional fryers. Without the pressure fryer, fried chicken as a fast food concept may well be impossible.

Modern Collectramatic fryers can cook up to 18 pounds of fried chicken in as little as 10 minutes. These fryers operate at lower pressures than their predecessors, making them safer to operate and longer-lasting. The lower pressures also contributes to longer shortening life and extends the time between filtering to as many as 30 cook cycles.

These deep fryers are also built for ease-of-use. Microprocessor controls allow for precise adjustments to temperature and pressure for consistent results from batch to batch. Eight preprogrammed channels, each with a dedicated button, allow for multiple temperatures and cook times to be programmed for different menu items, making it easy to train new staff to use them. The fryers are now built with a quarter rack system that allows products be inserted and removed all at once to be moved to the serving or holding area.

Collectramatic fryers come with either a 64- or 75-pound frypot to match your volume requirements. We also carry fryer filtration systems that will keep your oil clean, extending its life and keeping food fried in it tasting fresh.

CVap Cook and Hold Ovens and Warming Drawers

Winston's second major innovation was built to address the need for a method of holding food at that "just cooked" taste and texture for an extended period until serving. Winston's solution to that need was a "Controlled Vapor" oven that keeps the heat and vapor content of its cabinet close to that of the food itself, keeping products at a fresh texture for up to several hours. The innovation of CVap technology is that it monitors the "dry" heat of air and the "wet" heat of steam independently, adjusting each to achieve optimal holding conditions.

Cooking with this technology produces higher yields than cooking with other methods because moisture does not evaporate and let products shrink. This advantage makes the CVap oven ideal for slow-cooking dense cuts of meat like prime rib and pork. The ovens can be set to cook slowly over the course of several hours, then hold food at the right serving conditions for hours more. That process cuts back on labor costs and reduces product waste, since items can be prepared well ahead of the rush and remain ready to serve throughout an entire daypart.

Operators using these ovens can cook food to the desired doneness temperature, browning level, or cook time. Those options give fine-tuned control over the actual results, rather than just cooking conditions, so each batch gets cooked consistently. Those controls can be tweaked to achieve a number of cooking techniques including poaching, braising, steaming, and baking. A CVap oven may even be able to replace one or more existing pieces of equipment in your kitchen to help streamline your operations.

In addition to their full-size and countertop CVap ovens, Winston also offers drawer warmers that incorporate the technology for holding smaller quantities of food. These can complement your ovens by holding food you transfer into them, freeing up your cooking equipment to prepare other foods. An intuitive dial on this holding equipment gives operators a choice of proof, very moist, firm moist, and crisp when they set the holding conditions for the food.