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Special cutting jobs call for specialty knives. Are you in the need for an oyster knife or fish scaler? No worries; KaTom Restaurant Supply carries a superb selection of specialty knives, including pie pan knives and cake cutters. Looking for an easy way to cut that kitchen twine or your raw chicken? KaTom also sells kitchen shears that do the job easily! No matter if you need kitchen shears for cutting herbs or through soft bones you'll find exactly what you want with KaTom.

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Shun DM0708
Shun DM0708 Combination Whetstone, 300/1000 Grit

KaTom #: 194-DM0708

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$79.95 / Each
Shun DM0761
Shun DM0761 7" Classic Flexible Fillet Knife

KaTom #: 194-DM0761

$119.95 / Each
Shun DM0765
Shun DM0765 10" Hollow Ground Classic Ham Slicer

KaTom #: 194-DM0765

$134.95 / Each
Shun DM0767
Shun DM0767 6" Classic Meat Cleaver

KaTom #: 194-DM0767

$154.95 / Each
Update KS-75
Update KS-75 7-1/2" Hand-Held Knife Sharpener

KaTom #: 370-KS75

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$5.86 / Each
Shun DM7100
Shun DM7100 Herb Specialty Shears, 7.5"

KaTom #: 194-DM7100

$39.95 / Each
World Cuisine 47885-01
World Cuisine 47885-01 10" Ice Carving Knife, Stainless Blade, Beech W...

KaTom #: 095-4788501

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Tablecraft DS2000
Tablecraft DS2000 12" Oval Diamond Steel Sharpener

KaTom #: 229-DS2000

$24.09 / Each
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