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Residential Specialty Knives & Shears

Special cutting jobs call for specialty knives. Are you in the need for an oyster knife or fish scaler? No worries; KaTom Restaurant Supply carries a superb sel...

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Residential Chef Knife

Chef knives come in handy for just about any use in the kitchen since they can both chop and slice. The wide blade on chef knives comes in handy for chopping th...

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Residential Japanese Style Knife

For a sharp cutting edge and long lasting durability choose a Japanese knife from KaTom Restaurant Supply. Japanese kitchen knives are made with ultra strong st...

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Residential Paring & Utility Knives

Need a little knife for detailed slicing and cutting? Look no further; a paring knife is the perfect choice for your needs! Paring knives peel vegetables easier...

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Residential Cheese Knife & Cutters

Everyone loves a little bit of cheese whether as a snack or as a topping on foods. Cutting thick blocks of cheese can provide difficulties without the right too...

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Residential Cutlery Set

Buy the best for the chef in your life by ordering a high quality cutlery set from KaTom Restaurant Supply! You'll find only the best knife sets that cut quickl...

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