Sauce Bottle Warmer

A sauce bottle warmer enables operators to add new elements to their plating process and create pleasant temperature contrasts in their dishes. Built with internal thermostats to prevent overheating, these topping bottle warmers take the hassle and worry out of heating toppings before use. Instead of microwaving chocolate sauce to get it to the proper consistency, a squeeze bottle warmer is a set-it-and-forget-it tool that ensures your toppings will be the proper heat when you need them. Microwaving or otherwise heating a topping can slow down the kitchen line and provide uneven heat, but with an adjustable bottle warmer, operators can control the exact consistency and temperature they want to serve. We'll go over KaTom's selection of bottle warmers below and then answer some common questions. More

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Common Questions About Sauce Bottle Warmers

What toppings can I use in the warmer?

Squeeze bottle warmers are made to be used with standard 16-ounce squeeze bottles, but the topping inside the bottles is up to you. Because the topping will be heated, even stubborn and stiff condiments can be worked through a squeeze bottle. However, you will need to experiment with the composition of your toppings to ensure particulates don't get stuck and block the nozzle. Overheating could cause the product to dehydrate and form clumps.

Viscous toppings open up a wide array of plating options. Brightly colored drizzles can add visual impact to a dark chocolate dessert, and dark drizzles bring contrast to the open spaces of a white plate. Bottle warmers hasten the application of colors and textures that can add new dimensions to your tasty desserts, making them visually interesting on top of being delicious.

Warm toppings are also a huge plus for any operation that serves breakfast. Customers want warm maple syrup for pancakes and waffles, and hot chocolate sauce goes perfectly with crêpes. These aren't your only options, of course. Whatever concept lies behind your breakfast menu items can be expanded upon with an appropriate topping, in addition to providing elements of visual interest.

Is the bottle-warming temperature adjustable?

Most topping bottle warmers offer adjustable temperatures so that operators can experiment with different consistencies. Consider the density of the topping you wish to create – denser toppings will require more heat to retain a useable viscosity. However, lower temperatures may be preferable if customers will be dispensing the warm toppings themselves.

How many bottles can I heat at once?

Sauce bottle warmers vary in the number of squeeze bottles that they can warm at once. Single bottle warmers are more cost-efficient than the larger models, but multiple-bottle warmers provide operators with more choices and a higher volume of warmed toppings. If you plan on using more than a single bottle of warmed topping at a time, such as if you want to offer several flavors of syrup or chocolate sauce, purchasing a multiple-bottle unit is more space-efficient than a single unit. On the other hand, if you plan on offering only one type of topping or want to offer a topping at the dining table, the single units may work better.

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